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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Better Half

Dear Better Half,
Hitting the quarter life crisis, I was sitting in a lounge with couple of friends thinking which girl to hit for better half of the night. I was sailing in ocean of my fantasies with a dazzling dusky beauty, tall and ecstatic with perfect curves, you know what I mean …...she was my better half.
One of my friends suddenly bumped into me and told me to get my better half on dance floor.
Why in hell, people say “my better half”?  
When it comes to boys the answer is well conceived, as half of the world with opposite gender think... Men are crazy animals who just want to get laid. They have single dimension thought process and IQ of zero when it comes thinking anything but girls; because no men can be sure 100% if he has either understood the girl or if he is 100% assure that the girl will not leave with all those potential other beasts out there, hungry for that lust. They so often feel the tranquil scent of first love even when it is the Nth time, the freshness of flowers feel the same when received by that unmatchable smile even when they have tried this with all of their "better halves" gone wrong so far; the dance, the rain , the ride all leave them in a love fling with her ….their "better half". No doubt it is better than the last one, is only feeling they have. 
 What about those feminine betterhalves? Wearing their rose tinted glasses, they dream of prince charming while dating a rookie or should I say their better half and vice versa, they always find other guy more handsome than who they are with. Why they are entitled under this phrase of “better half” ? There cannot be smoke if there is no fire, and I almost already answered the question above in tits and bits. According to me with no offence to all the ladies, how many of you have found a guy hot even when you are with your better half and talked about it, how many of you have bitched about the Guy with your lady counterparts. Those Taylor Lautner body types, do give you goose bumps or those Robert Pattinson’s deep blue eyes seduce you to death. Last but not the least you can't stop cursing "better halves" of your roommates for no good reason but envy.  I guess we are built with this animal instinct within, to be always on the move to find a better half. How many of you being in a rebound phase and found the better half almost next door.
We love it when they hit a break up, we just say “one enemy down” and when someone walks up to introduce her/his better half we say “positive I.D on enemy, project breakup initiate”.
I guess the only reason which make some sense in using this metaphorical and ubiquitously perceived phrase of “better half” is you can’t find happiness unless you meet him/her, no wonder sometimes it take more than once chance to fit in the puzzle correctly. Don’t make judgment about me when you read this, I am loyal to being single for another better half of my life patiently waiting for better half, to knock my door.  
Your Better half