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Friday, February 17, 2012

Trojans & Alice

Alice & Trojans
Those sparkling blue eyes and that Aphrodite smile was all what he could remember out of 28 years of his life. He left the unknown job he did to become a believer of god, because all he ever believed was Alice’s faith in him.  But just when he thought he had changed for good, he faced the ugly side of life.

And there he laid, drenched with blood, sweat and mud, all he could think was her.  He could hear his breath loud and clear, trying to surrender its serenity and soul to death; while others had already lost their virginity called life and laid motion less. He could hear the police siren around the block and knew soon he would be saved from death to become slave of life in a prison until death show its mercy to have him in her when he grows pale. In those last moments, before he was discovered by the keepers of law around the aisle, all he was thinking was that, was he fighting with goons who were teasing Alice in the club or was he fighting destiny. She was gone anyway, as she doubted the man's faith in her for a whisker, the Trojans of death took her in the paradox of anonymity.  she could never know he fought for her with  the grand valor. She was shot dead amidst the mundane gang war.

I am sure that he believed in something in his life be it a mortal person because god doesn’t say to preach in institution of religion he says to believe in something you love from heart. He wasn’t a great man who lead the Nobel life but he was man of true love . 
For once he believed in true love: S.D