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Monday, April 7, 2014

Shadows and the Sea!

Shadows and the Sea!
The blue star shines in the east, the summers are here it seems
Your shadow still remains, remains of memories in my heart
For I am just a sailor, lost in the time’s sea
I see no land, I wander on the waves and all hopes thus end
Though your shadows still remains n remains of happiness in my heart
For if I see you again, a happy good bye is all I ask
Coz, I know shadows don’t stay and my hope thus weeps away
I shall wander for eternity till my shadow last,
My deeds were pure, and I wish my love could last.
My heart goes dark now, coz I left you at the shore
My shadow shall wander, the curse of breaking your adore  
Your shadow still remains, remains of purity in my heart

Remain of Love in my Heart- S.D