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Sunday, August 16, 2015

The one that stayed

The one that stayed!
We lived in parallel worlds, on paths that seldom collide,
It took us apart, in the orbits afar, for years we lived, with goodwill we thrived.
But less we knew, the worlds are on course to collide,
My world came crashing down, left with shards and a shattered pride.
They say it’s the destruction that bring the greens
For us it brought a dream, it was neither yours nor mine
Yet it grew, wiser with time, sweeter like wine
Here we are in one world that survived
With the dream that once we were deprived
For I know the dreams do end, but all ends start something new
Journey we began through oceans and seas,
With you by my side, these thousand miles look so few.
Still miles apart in world, yet it’s the world we share
We fell, got bruised but yet we laughed and got stronger by the day

Together here to stay, in thick n thin of hay, that’s all, I would say


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