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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mischief: SPRING

Mischief: SPRING

Aromatic air & musky woods
Lifts you high with wildish moods
Woods gets green & roses red
Everything is lovely in butterfly effect.

            Mischievous deed &love first site
            Spring is one who create this paradise
            Mystic clouds & mountain heights
            Serpentine River like dragon from sky

Smoke from huts, & dimming lights
Sumptuous turkey & glasses of wine
Chivalrous acts & princess sighs
Making it sensual, piano notes & synchrony jive.

            Hand in hand they walk so long
            No words are said, yet million dreams are form.
            The churpering birds & cricket’s howls
            The frog’s song to impress his spouse

The nightingale sizzles the air in bow
Is this heaven where the time passes so slow?
Billion flowers on valley slopes
Glows in night with moonlight's show.

            Stars so bright like a rubies in red
            Studded on Cassiopeia’s cloak stitched with golden thread
            Sitting on cliff they look at sea
            Flying in dreams with fairy's wings
            Conquering world like golden finch.

At midnight stroke he finally broke:
When woods gets green, as the nights go long,
Perhaps she'll understand his heartbeat's song.
Listening to this, she felt the warmth
He holds her hand and tears trickles down.....

The spell of spring bounds them well
            Seasons pass by, but the spell just stays
            The magic of spring holds them in a ring
            Each year we see the bonds go strong
            Its only mischief which never went wrong....
            With times to come, its shall come again
            As in spring, love always rain..... J           

                                                            Still Spell Bounded: S.D….