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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Constructive Dementia!

Constructive Dementia

Growing up from toddlers to teens, we have heard and seen Heroes. Heroes embracing powers like inherited jewels; explaining us about responsibilities, choices we made and how to face the fear within. But how many of us actually come out of this Pandora of marvel studios oozing with morals ? I executive editor of Constructive Dementia, wrote this obituary of a man, common and pale, yet with implicit quasi of a legend unborn. A Hero who thought beyond morals. 

He was a man with normal ideas for most life time but in those little facets of imaginations where he expanded his hidden wings of self-discovery, he discovered something unusual in him. The word “Revenge” meant to him the motivation to live life. He said to me once, revenge in any form is good for us. Exuberant in his ways, he kept on explaining, the other side of revenge. He said revenge is a catalyst which makes you strong within, it keeps you going. According to him we take revenge because we want to prove our might to others and doing so we evolve. More than anything else we prove it to self. He also said revenge is not always negative as portrayed by most philosophers and historians around the world. Animals if cornered many times would not only resist even more, he would gain resistance against the action of being cornered. The process of resistance is a form of revenge which eventually brings in motivation of survival.

He died of a heart attack a day before, not because he was a drunkard or a fat chap but because he was in an endless pursuit to evolve as a mountaineer, he exhausted his body to new levels each time he climbed. Autopsy reports showed his body was evolved like animals and they never saw anything like that. The catharsis of his death although lied in his own childhood of a bullied kid and teenage of several broken relationships. He wanted to take revenge, a revenge to show world he reaches heights where no one else has reached. His revenge was not against the people who left him in tears and tatters; it was against his own psyche to evolve into a perfectionist. All I can say he may have died young, but he would definitely live in hearts of people like me who endorse constructive dementia. The little less talked soul within.