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Friday, July 30, 2010

Sane gets OLD !!!!

Not So "SANE" ways to Fame :

1) This is surely the TOP way:- Wanna BE CELEBS easiest way --Become a part of reality show celluloid , perform some bold bitching, fighting , romancing( the limit is what u decided , more public n bold more time u get on prime time news) moves with not necessary opposite gender person.--Bang Bang -- U are in the breaking news :)

2) Make a so called "horny" ( even the blurred one will do ) LOOK ALIKE act of public display of "sex"( not necessarily u meant it-- even flying off the tangent would give you at least 30 second of tabloid . hurray !!!--- U are in news and in pockets of at least half a billion people within a day of two.

3) Run over pedestrians and not so much liked people of the nation , get caught but drive a costly car if u don't have one beg,borrow, steal ; It will add spice to your column ( they don't give a damn for autos and truck drivers RASH driving massacre )--- wow Maverick u made it to at least side column of front page and 10-20 second in prime time show.

4) Be a politician , the bigger the better ; the harsh, the meaningless , the immature,the insane and witty your speeches and actions are, the perfect for your career growth . If you have a criminal background , a few serious charges, u are in for a race with pole position if not try manifesting one out.

5) Be the part of BIG GAME ( Rape, scandal , casting couch, rath yatras, riots, political melodramas, Proxy money settlements, bookies , bids (any kind but the numbers should be very high), the list is endless ).

6) If you cant be part of any one of top 5 , don't worry there is a new one for you but you can only enjoy it in heaven -- guessed it right -- Either commit suicide ( please have a silly reason ), or get involved in social unethical crime scene in the mighty " khap panchayat " scenic drama ; this one needs to be addressed more seriously although.

7) Get high on cloud 9 in so called social secret orgies , hallucinate all night , bang on beavers and have a gala time --Is this a crime -- Not until someone call police in the wee hours. then you get bail(only Richie rich ones) n considered minors. woww ... here u get everything under the the mask of innocence.
8) Be a fashion catastrophe( romancing snakes in international fests) or kiss the most hated celeb around , although this one is just for last league celebs but one can have ideas to make it to local news if u cant u can always use money power.

9) Get a cracker-jacker of a news , make one -- for e.g "U found a way to hell/heaven" or " date of end of world" , do remember the crime spot.. sorry the epicenter of the news should be the most unknown , uncommon,uncanny, supernatural place ... If you hit a jackpot .. u can be in an special report show ;)

10) This is the least you can do if you have a desire to be camera caught for insane reasons be the part of mob , picture backgrounds i.e extras rather pooled in extras ( example wud be shown in latest movie Peepli live Mata act.. go you tube it ) and there you go ...  still made it although ur face is not edited or glowed or circled red, but there u are although showcasing a confused look , u always knew u r clicked/shot by lenses .... SAFEST way.

The list is ever evolving , Like a music mania ranking which keeps on getting updated every week. One can always contribute to it , by his INSANITY instincts . But Its always better STAY SANE INSIDE INSANITY.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lets Redefine the phrase – “TRUE NATURE a.k.a Originality”!!

Lets Redefine the phrase – “TRUE NATURE a.k.a Originality”!! 

“A tiger chewing grass and a cow munching meat steak” I must be joking according to most of you . Nature n character is something innate within “one” can never amend; when I say “one” it meant Animals minus humans. Because the most evolved animal has a lucid spectrum of manifold characters he himself is defining every second that passes away, Inception of a new wave of thought, energy & inculcating a up-to-the-minute character as he breaths away air.  “Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking” Quoted well in P.S. I Love you, it’s not when we are publically showering away grandiloquent acts . You can barely see animals altering their behavior, but one can often see it happening with us. I believe the mere definition of original need to be changed if we want to describe humans behavioral changes, because what presumed by a person may not be the original he and vice-versa.

The poor bait who is sabotaged by the altering behavior of his own breed is victimized daily, only to turn himself into one of them and practicing it to others. Friends to enemies, enemies to friends, lovers to haters’ n vice versa, what’s important is “I” and its happiness not “We” and its placidity. Ego games prevail in every sect of our life from the 1 million sperms racing through the lil beaver’s tunnel to line for heaven (as described by myths).

We are capable of giving Chameleon a shy when we change characters more than it changing colors. What we bring out in public is a chain reaction of neurological action we have learnt to imbibe within ourselves, and often called it animal instinct but we surely need to rename it because of the erratic nature and frequently changing patterns.

P.F.B an epitome of something I happened to be a live spectator :-
An acquaintance of mine (lets say ‘X’).. A person liked by all... considered cute/nice/helpful/understanding/candid/lovable... blah blah… [please Consider all nice words in the dictionary.. wink*].. However, when it came to personal relationships, ‘X’ become extremely erratic/impulsive/short tempered/obsessive/adamant[think all the self centered words]  when the other half of the relationship( the person ) didn’t work according to X’s RULEBOOK or intuitively gave attention to other competitors or didn’t agree in some argument (in short did anything that was disapproved by ‘X’). A sweet docile X turned into a hard-hearted devil [literally], threw tantrums[sometimes threw many thing other than words], to the point of being violent/ threatening suicide. PDA (Public display of affection) turned into PDVET (Public Display of Violent Emotions & Threat). Things didn’t end here. Events repeated even after a apology. A few days of truce & the true nature prevailed again ( god knows what “nature” here). Initially it came as a shock to me to see X’s outburst. Later on, it became a everyday thing. ;-)

To conclude:
Have we not heard the cases of best friend stealing other’s partner/Back-stabbing a childhood friend for a person who has just entered the life? Does entering/leaving of a new person alter the true nature or does it just bring out the dark side kept hidden till now? How many times do we really delve into ourselves & try to face our darkness & know OUR true nature?

A more classic global example I can quote is the present bi lateral talks between the two nations, portrayed as a success till the annex of press conference, what came next the heavy weight word games between two of them, most of us know – the gist is, mere manipulation of words can portray the twin faces and in the end all ends with again an encouraging remark –“Only a positive dialogue can be a solution”. The victims here are clan of both side and the twin faced evangelists are handful of big men.

Self explanatory as well as self lived --  the “true/truth/original” words have lost the relevance , I have started believing in theory of matrix which say all what shine is not gold , all what’s green is not grass implacably All what one presents may not be what one perceive or truly is within.

P.S . – The post was a product of dialogue between Fox and me (Azgar a.k.a "KAA") ( python).

Monday, July 26, 2010

Talk out !!!!


When I woke up today , I was feeling sad about what I have achieved in life ... blah blah crap shit things I usually blossom with and make best out of it. I have got this new stress buster now days I try my hand at kitchen when I am sad and "they say is perfectly right when they say there is good in everything" luckily the food is the good here ( for foodies I have turned out to be quite a classy chef ). Making my ginger n Tulsi Tea is like  performing alms at temple. Sadness was soon overtaken by a thought - precisely there is one WORD which can solve each and every problem in this world , most of them if not all. The word that would take most of this post is "TALK".

Its so veined to us that we seldom realize the importance of it ,"talk" is like word FUCK , which according to OSHO can comprise of all possible emotions  similarly we "talk" for TALK , n what not. 

"Talk" has taken different names , shapes , styles , verses, mime acts, symbolism, church, religions, ethics , cultures , civilizations ,bi lateral talks, advertisement campaign talks,courts,  wars, battles , pride, gossips , lust , gluttony, sex, wrath, sloth and envy to name few forms n fixtures .

It has evolved from non lingual talks between animals to lingual talks between the best animal possible, Human, but what has not evolved is us , the mortals , the instinct is the same we had in paleolithic age , the reason may have got a little manipulated or manifested into complex endeavors. "Talk" n reason to "talk' are still same . This four letter word is the root for itself one cannot tell what comes first the "talk" or the reason to "talk". Because "talk" is the only thing we rely from love affair to condolence meets. Its commonly known as COMMUNICATION. So I have learned this mighty word n essence behind it u need to complete the "talk" , generate more "talk" , love what you "talk" . Just Love the "Talk".

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are You the Bait !!

 Are You the Bait !!

Think of a hi-tech lion and the online bait,
Its no dream, it’s going to be our fate.
Let me make this very straight
The world around me has begun a race,
Raising adrenaline, as on, purple haze.
Age old game of Cat and mice
Has yet again broken the Arctic ice,
Be it G8 nation’s swaying comments or,
Girlfriend’s hunting boys at discotheque.
The spectrum has more than 12 shades
We too have more than one face,
Draped in the cloak of Devil called Desire
Finding no end for true problem’s wire.

            A few problems can suffice this page
        Could only sight these, as am chained in the cage
        Students running for the witty CAT, to beat peers, he burns extra fuel
         Pumping in last drops of blood, it’s bait to the Cat called stress.
        “Son’s wana fit in Dad’s shoe”, was self-esteem for every dad
         But, killing him for a shoe is unlike the Legend do.
        Betrayal exist from ages here,
        Be it kings, queens or today’s Son.
        Desire rules this planet, unlike anyone.

Sleeping 2 days a week, with other men/women
Is the latest fashion or the power of Lust, breaking counterpart’s trust
We are un-deterred to face the Almighty in hell
It’s inherited now; the virus of desire has reached to the last cell.
Money, job, girlfriends, promotions are a few forms of the same
Turning each one of us into mice, running in circles in a scientist cage.
Look around you can find billions of you own multiplied beings doing the same.
The world has become a concrete jungle, with two races left
One is hunted, preyed and slaughtered by other called Cat.
Pride, glory, humbleness were old attributes, 
Nonetheless Satisfaction and self esteem are some of their forgotten aims.

            The kingdom of big Mice has come crashing down.
        In frustration, killing millions of other mice around
        Be it the great Economic slump and end of big hats
        Bursting them in desire to feast,
        Gluttony explained in bible as an ancient sin,
Being an indirect predator at dine.
Extravagant life styles or our pompous ways
Realizing it when monthly credit card bill says ,
Bring no respite to the mice within
He pumps on the saline called E.M.I. in.
The great Cat turning out to be an easy bait herself.
Above is just an example where 100 mouse can bring a cat down,    
As termites does to the woods crumbling it into waste dust.

            Love has grown hi-tech too, long distance relations looks short too
        Social site and video calls or be it online dating or sex on call,
        Like a fortress of million cards, its all gona fall.
        They say it true; great tripod ends in a deadly loop hole J
        Neither a single mice nor a cat left with pure soul.
        Calm down buddy, Am ain’t a saint myself, teaching u this saga,
        The tale of mice and the cat are just notes of an ancient raga.
Yesterdays Lions have become today’s bait
He needs to pay for what he has eaten.
Both races are leading to the same fate.
I am a mouse in the invisible mode
Trying to refuse myself to write a piece of code,
Drilling a tunnel to break the rooster coupe
I found myself , floating with ginger in the soup.
Shattered with a pillow, beaten on my head
Woken up by my GF, I am no good than dead
Because you know now where mice like me heads …….
                              Mice in Despair: S.D…

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yet Another First Time

From in-womb to in-grave, from toddler to old fox, Teetotaler to alcoholic we humans are caught in vicious cycle of considering incidents in our life ,so called FIRST TIMERS and mark them , tag them as, a way to remember but guess what we do it so often that we forget the that something we say we are doing for first time is already happened many a times.

To quote a few classic ones, 
Top of charts is:  “first love to yet another first love”, each time our mushy infantile heart fell for someone it goes in an graduated cupid’s school for first timers, yet another time, roses to chocolates, long talks to long walk, candle lights to cozy nights all are revised yet another time, our young, ever young heart feels as if its for the first time the Aphrodite has kissed him and in an uplifted bubble flying in the pink zephyr the melodramatic heart unlearn n learn each etiquettes of being chivalrous to the max. It’s the same school the heart goes again, the lessons he learns, may be score better on the tests :) 
but yet another first timers as it’s called is one of a kind state of affairs where the love gods make merry out of mortals emotions.

Second on the chart is
Advertising agencies putting there wrappers with a NEW flashy marquee , displaying “new” brighter than the product name , giving a psychological effect to the customer that “new” symbolizes new product while the same product 10 years ago had the same “new” tag , same fragrance , same quality . But we feel that its for the first time. You must have noticed I am sure , that lemon soap , cool menthol soaps were all there even when we were toddlers with the same “NEW” with them , yet there sales mostly grow higher one of the reason is marketing , and playing mostly the psychological analysis and behavioral patterns .

Third on a chart is a melange of incidents which I’ll quote roughly with or without any relation between them—“ she is the most beautiful gal I have ever seen” , “He is so cutteee”, “Kya maal hai be”, “ this is the best time of my life”, “U are my best fren—where the ‘U’ keeps on changing”, “Hey dude one more shot – lets order one more pitcher” , “I will not drink after today” , “Yesterday was the last day I smoked” , “ Sir , the code is almost DONE” , "I love you so much---where the person love another one",“ She is a bitch” , “ He is a liar” , “I miss you sooo much”,“ My first Kiss , this is really special”.

The point is each time we say these , we do these thing we do it with a honey coated passion of first timers and one should do also , what’s the use if we don’t have a passion within. We lie or we say truth doesn’t matter because most of the time we say it with true passion , the ardor of a toddler to walk , the fervor of all the things quoted above , It just make the moment special each time we say it .  The list is an endless one , I’ll encourage all of you to write down all you think of lil tags we use so often n pretend as If we are using for the first time in the comments below .

The last but not the least this is something which we use almost everyday with a shear sense of emotion wrapped in three words and topped with a confused sorry look “I AM SORRRRRYYYYY”. Isn’t it frens :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Which flag to be picked ? a prophecy or chance .

Which Flag to be picked ?
"Dawn shall tear apart  the bladder of sorrows n miseries of the world, you are the chosen one, future lies in what you choose to be If you take this red pill you will go back to where it all began and live a life of a slave bounded by some mathematically governed program made of binary digits and dies as a good men who live his life in dream .... but if you take this blue pill you will have to prove yourself , stay here , in this real world, fight, bleed, and die like a real men"  roughly quoted --- the words of oracle and Morpheus from matrix, both of them saw the future for NEO. Imagination it is but in due course of reality we, the mighty lords of world are governed by forces beyond all powers. Call it Prophecy , astrology or words of Oracle, time and again, they make their presence felt. This time its a 8 legged devil hardly a few inches big, speechless, aquatic who predict the future of 11 living effigies on ground, programmed to do what they are supposed to, by the software called 'fatum' by Greeks and Destiny by us. The beauty of the prophecy is like all of them its been announced to world well before inundate hours of the match.

Paul as he is called is an octopus from Germany as we all know , 100% accuracy rate so far can it be a mere chance ?? I cant say on it because verification is only secured when things became truths n  correct outcomes are seen repeatedly and in this case more a few matches. But I also give the credit for fame of this lil prophet to the world of media , he may get attracted to certain color or pattern and try to fetch it , which may be a scientific research yet to be carried out which is being portrayed as a magical behavior of a  caged animal and out come of the games doing rest to add to his fame , glory and persona to be a living god.

We fall for them so often because of trust we show in these living gods , be it the parakeet pulling up the orange land winning the world cup ( who know poor guy actually was attracted by the fragrance n particles of chili on the card ( Holland flag) and our Paul getting infatuated over different color n marking patterns . Trust n chance plays the bigger god then these creatures but obviously they( truth n chance) cannot take a visible form.

I hope our living oracles live their life in a glorified way rather than swimming half dead in soup as they like it in Taiwan, and we the victimized souls rest in peace and didn't get much affected psychologically to hinder our performance on the D day , as poor Germans who were unbeaten titans ended up like disgruntled cliche in a massacre of poor form, partially because of some prophecy or an incidence to gain publicity by some goons and over hyped by the media baboons. All the best to both teams for FIFA WC finale :) may the better win.

Monday, July 5, 2010


P.S--  Inspired by Robert Frost :). This one was for a Kid , an instant work.

Let him Roar forever!!!

Stocks of leather jackets n coats are all sold,
Hey all you people young and old,
Don’t you think its time to get bold?
When you have your own natural leather skin coat,
Why kill tigers for it and Sport.

Less than 1400 left and still you boast,
Where’s all self pride and emotions lost.
Look into their eyes – speechless and mute,
And you laugh when you wear that suit.
He is butchered everyday,
Paws for decoration, bones for medicine, skin for jackets
That what traders say loud.

Lend your voice, make some noise.
Wake up and fight for this cause
Not to regret later for this humongous loss.
If not now then when,
Do you want India to get it national animal from others on Rent.

He can’t cry for help, but you can see it in his eyes
He too has kids and, family like yours.
He too has blood Red as yours.
Then why discriminate and take life,
But he can’t explain and simply dies.
Come let’s join hands in this drive,
But with zero corruption n zero bribe.

I have started now its time for you
Don’t worry there is no queue.
But just 1400 are too few.
Let’s fight for them together
Save our national animal and
Let him Roar forever and ever and ever.

                                                               Up for a Roar! – S.D.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Perception is the Dye for Rose Tinted Glasses

"looking through Rose tinted glasses" is an archaic idiom used for things percieved in a positive way even when they may or may not be actually that good to be judged positve. Offlate I have learn that most of us have different shade-glasses for different situations , our pre concieved notions take most part of it when comes to judging things. short term out comes concretes the foundation of our judgments. As I always say , I have several lectures going on whenever i write my post and I try to bring out the most imp ones on post from my school of thoughts.This time it would be -- how most of the youngsters the uber cool generation gets misled by aggressive advertisements and general life perceptions to start with former be it the fair n lovely Men cream ( SRK -- y use girl fairness cream ), generating an urge in men( still less exploited in cosmetics ) that  "FAIR is FAIR " to IPill promoting unprotected sex indirectly by displaying a mid aged young couple living in close family , giving a message that if generation just elder use it safely all can use because you get a safety cocoon feeling by seeing the advertisement thus preferring ill fated enjoyment over precaution. 
One cannot directly blame the adv agencies for this , as they are lobbying only that information which ignite a thought in our brain and our notion for analyzing it doing rest. most studies on human psychology have proved that advertisement are intentionally short of information because most customers poorly have their rose tinted glasses on, thus resulting in a magical effect be it on "FREE is good" or " New packing means better product" scenarios.

Coming to the general thinking when it comes to Rose tinted glasses , what we conceive good  is what we expect out of it , and turns out to be same or better. Polarization effect is also something very common in general people i.e. your perception is others perception and vice-versa . In physics we see it with iron pins kept in close proximity with magnet thus having a magnetic effect themselves , similarly when people kept in contact with a group of his/her general perception of common perception will always have a polarized outlook towards matters even when they are not directly what they actually believe in or inherit.
Therefore those who are in advertising industry or endeavors related to human psychology make a fortune out of this theory as perception is dye of your tinted glasses.