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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thats the way the cookie crumbles

That’s the way the cookie crumbles - Bruce almighty, perhaps it’s a analogy for most of the people in life , the crumbling of the cookies was effectively used in the movie both for good and the dire parts of life , I guess that’s the curst of life – the good, the bad , the ugly. Sipping my Irish coffee, I was looking at the cookies jars and realized that life is a cookies jar (an ancient one – wide bottom – narrow head) and moments in life are cookies we bake throughout our life, Weird thought? I guess it’s yore serendipitous signs we have been seeing all through our life , be it Tom stuck with his head in the cookie pot , or the lil kitty with her hand in the jar , haven’t we seen it always in Barbara’s cartoons, courtesy cartoon network. Well I just related it to life with cookies as - moments; the relationships, the happy times etc. to name a few flavors and all of these in an archetypal cookie jar (symbolizing life)

Life is an ancient cookie jar, you cannot get more than what you are destined to, well it’s a relative term although and the pursuit to get more never ends. Several times we are stuck with our hand stuck in the jar, often trying to take too much out of it and finishing with crumbling few cookies as a result.
Another interesting thing I realized when the person arranging cookies in the jar was that he was to applying simple geometry to amass maximum cookies in a jar. I think the same applies to our life also we always try to apply dexterous skills to accumulate maximum cookies in our life , well one should do that but be careful for a few leftover broken ones or the half baked ones. One cannot put all of them, neither one can leave the better one – I guess it calls for a choice to be made, well “रिस्क तोह Spiderman को भी लेनी पड़ती hai  ,हम तोह फिर भी कुकी man है"   .

There were a few more school of thoughts building up in my brain regarding cookie jar , such as cookie jar represents a business model , this article, should I buy that complete jar as a gift to the friend I am sitting with. Not to crumble the cookie sitting in front of me, I decided to focus on my coffee and my cookie. yummmyy :)