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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sweet November....

Sweet November                          

She walked in my life like big surprise,

I felt so lucky as if got 1st prize.

Her looks are classy like golden amber,
Can’t forget, it was 2006's Sweet November.

She has an Aura of ancient wine

She pulls you like bagpipers rhyme.

She has this charm like tulip in valley,

She is priceless in my life's gallery.

She is one package full of action,

Just remains cool and freaky in every fraction.

Her love for herself and own biggest fan,

Makes her different in the people's band.

She can blew any one by her creepy pranks,

Difficult to control temper to be frank.

She is little sweetie very true from heart,

Can lift u up from barrels and throw tensions apart.

Her care for u is an example for all,

Thoughts so pure like crystal ball.

At time her talks become so naughty

Will make u blush and  feel little tweety**

The irony is that, I have never met this gal,

Doesn’t matter much as we have shared so much.

She is my teddy, whom I love so much,

I call her buddy and jus wana touch.

Just be happy always that’s what I wish,

Reach the zenith of glory full fill all your dreams.

Don’t ever feel the lows in life,

Standing beside you, your smarty in style.

Smarty: S.D. 