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Saturday, December 4, 2010


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“Who should act, without any questions?”

Breeches, tux, army muffler, Italian shoes and quite a good looking guy what else do gals would want (obviously the is limit tending to infinity here). Yes I know all of you can sense narcissism all over the words used so far, and you are right too. Our hero had a similar feeling when he went to the so called “Big fat Indian Wedding”. For those who have just read this phrase well this is yet another crown of western chivalry to “Poor India, Naked India”; for more feeling guys please say that in Hindi, for gals – what’s coming up in next couple of stanzas would make you get your shot guns (If you have any), Beaver claws (nails) would surely be up for a murder. Coming back to the subject of the story, obviously the Hero- with adorable smile, This Hunt had to be special because it was his* first outing to hunt, I mean look around cheeks and chicks. Scene was perfectly set, cool breeze rushed through the hot blood, sweat trickled on back of his* neck, excited, he started to look around.
{ Music – Here I am, this is me , There is no where else on earth I would rather be }

Scene { camera focus shifts } --- “I just finished seeing American pie, euro trip and gal next door back to back – So please bear if any obscenity in flow of words”.

 It was as if Aphrodite herself has taken several different faces and shapes`. Jaw dropping it was, {words in brain --- Beautilacious or bootiliciousJ}, perfect samples for research on topographies ;). Our predator was soon converted into the bait (A happy bait I must emphasis on it)

With the perfect back ground score –“love is all around us…Love is in air” He was soon in some kind of hallucination or I must say a different world, ruled by the goddesses of love and beauty.

{While the focus goes to the groom and bride for few moments—poor guys didn’t had much on this video}

Our hero chose her hunt, initial eye contact turned to witty smiles, and hindsight signals, A lot of feeling flew in air without any words being spoken. She was a damsel, her eyes , her lips , her neck all sculpted with perfection I must say. It went all good, as few common frens were bringing them closer (It get really clumsy in weddings in India), our couple deeply in hangover of each other’s aura were flowing with the emotions. They were just at one hand distance, the group almost intermingled. Picture perfect isn’t.

{Few introductory intros, acted as ice breakers, and it was all a hunky dories sequence) or should I say “Love at first sight”.

{We don’t have happy endings, If we don’t have a fight between villain and hero or Do we? what if Hero looses … sometimes he do. It gives high critic ratings.}

Something happened, something really dreadful, something which has happened many times in these typical love stories.
{ we will discuss this shot later , on the other frame we have a delighted love making shot going}

{Public affection of love, and dangling shots of flowers / or intimidating love birds. But since we are presenting an unedited coverage, I request reader’s discretion}

He was all over her, He kissed her, touched her (I really mean it ), She lifted Him , raised Him , He became excited ;damn excited I must say. They became cozy, really cozy, arms in arms. It was raining kisses and hugs. Lucky He, he get to feel her, so close, got to dance with her in public. The surroundings were having endless sessions of only two words, sorry total four – Love you , Sooooooo Cuutteeeeee. All this without saying or requesting, all unconditional love I must say. All what He has to do was to emulate her when she says or just gave that cutie looks... she was spell bounded by Him and His every little gesture. Grandiloquent – is the word which describe Him

Happyyyy Endingssss J

{Camera was about to focus on show the cast and crew page}

But than he* screamed in agony, turmoil and deep pain.  he* lost her in the battle of Love ,couldn’t win her from Him. Poor guy lost it real bad, I was there, trust me. So close and yet so far, and all he* gets was a smile in the end when she was about to leave. But that guy, that chubby little fellow had it all, I would have *&^&*….. No I don’t want to kill that little chubby fellow. I can’t. He was the clear winner.

Just when he said it couldn’t get worse then this and turned back to sip some water to calm down, he almost fell to tears to see the same little chubby fellow was with another angel (how smart are they[ chubby fella and girrlz ], and dumb are we …..).

Rest what happened was just a repetition of “shortest possible Love affair”. She loved Him not him*. It wasn’t the end of it , he* saw it in next three hours 4 times , in two different wedding, without editing all so painful to end him with a heavy heart and never-ending demise.  

Lessons Learnt:
1)      Look cute , chubby , adorable
2)      Wear pinks, prefer baby pink if possible.
3)      Pretend to be dumb and get advantage of getting closer.
4)      Fool them with your antics; they will follow your every move.
5)      Have a smile, each time they kiss or hug you and just after that pretend to be lost again, if you want more repetitions.
6)       Pretend to be smart, just pretend.
7)      Make all that clumsy little moves, they tend to excite her.
8)      Have that killer dumb smile always, and a feeling of  you want more of those hugs.
9)      Make yourself a little dirty with cake/ice cream/choc , special attention , even washroom routine are offered. Oh my god , I hated those little chubby cheeks.
10)  Just when you leave , pretend that you are giving her a flying kiss, mind me just pretend. You will get at least three more in return.
11)   Girls are the most smartest human being possible , They get all they want ( quite literally)  without resistance, zero efforts , in public ,any time, but provided guys be like the 10 above points , which seldom happen and thus the resistance plays such a imp phase in chasing and hooking up.

P.S.:-- Who was He and he*, I request you to take your imagination to next hill down the road. “A hunk, A kid, Or .........”. In short He is someone

 “who should act , without any questions”!!!!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Those flamingo legs

P.S : the following write up is just after reading the English classic , "The Catcher in the Rye" - J.D. Salinger. I tried writing this new fully subjective way of comprehensions. 
flamingo legs !  
For all those son of guns out there, the article can turn out to be a obscene article on this helluva world, u can call me a moron, I don't mind I am I know that, but what can I do I am just filling to puke right in your face and spank your butts till they turn red to let you know that. "I am so damn annoyed, with you guys, u perverts, and none of you help me park my wagon in her courtyard, none of u”. “All of you just bullied me, my feeling and my senses which only spoke of “affection, love and desire"”. She, yea u heard me right for chrissake, She - Miss Jaw Dropper, my honey plum sugar plum has made me mad, a real mad man u know”. “I can’t sleep, drink or eat from past three days now”. Oh boy!! “ she is such a stunner , gives me erectmy looks u know” , “I know you don't understand that word "erectmy" , just use pervert mind of yours , you been hiding under that classic look of yours”. I know, U know, all of us are so damn desperate for those "erectmy" feelings. Any ways what can I say more about her, “I think those little flamingo legs, grape butts, and strawberry face "ripe and fresh"” “oh boy! She killed me”. When I say Ripe and fresh “I remember this guy, a cop, who used these two words in every sect of his sloppy pervert life, be it a girl or a boy, or even a old truck drivers with those almost naked little beavers on their shoulders in red and pink, I bet that truck driver never ever even had a hand shake with her”.

Forget about, having a dip for chrissake. Oh beaver!! , I crudely remember this scene in the film "one flew over cuckoo's nest” Jack Nicholson says  - “Oh chief , She was 15 years old, going on 35, Doc, and she told me she was 18. She was very willing, if you know what I mean. I practically had to take to sewing my pants shut. Between you and me, uh, she might have been 15, but when you get that little red beaver right up there in front of you, I don't think its crazy at all and I don't think you do either. No man alive could resist that, and that's why I got into jail to begin with. And now they're telling me I'm crazy over here because I don't sit there like a goddamn vegetable. Don't make a bit of sense to me. If that's what's being crazy is, then I'm senseless, out of it, gone-down-the-road, wacko. But no more, no less, that's it”. Poor guy ended up having lobotomy. They performed “millions of these little incision surgeries” as part of god dam experiments on soldiers in WW2 they will end up in hell for that I am sure.

Hey! Hey! Hey! -- My god dam mind, “mind is one heck of a place, u know it I know, he runs to Paris , and reaches to Tokyo and always takes a longer routes , thinking its a shorter one. But he makes it, in the end”. Okie so the problem with cop was, he caught me and miss erectmy on 5th avenue , downtown , trying ,drilling right in middle of the road in my dad's Cadillac ; now you see , hundreds of us drill around , don't we?, whenever we get chance but he caught me! ( chosen one may be ) , and caught me red you know, He told I am a minor , f*** him for that . Chrissake this land is for perverts, “they don’t serve u scotch below 20, when you drill that beaver, they say you r too young for “it”. “God tell them about hormonal changes for Chris sake, for which they announce 20 as “young for it" age. He knew “I had quite big dough (money), driving Cadillac, drilling hot beaver around -- Lust attracts u big time boy! Be it the mine for beaver or his for money, he smelled in my pocket”. Poor me! I ended up beaten, broken and eluded from rod, money and beaver respectively.  Its almost a year , I lost it; But god damn I am having that “Ripe and Fresh” feeling again, once again the spring did me in. “You got to see her moves , she is a kind of a dancer n all”. They say if it’s your day happiness comes in leaps and bounds be it dough, car or beaver. I found all my answers without speaking a word, “catch her in the eye” I must say, chrissake they spoke more of it, it had all of it, I must say, all- drilling, dancing, and her beetle, all of it”.

These cute little flamingo legs make u happy bait, “Please add this in the constitution – “blissful killing, just below the mercy killing provision” because in the former we are at mercy as well as having a bliss, which is deprived in the later form. All men are perverts and all beavers are predators,   
“Neither them nor the beavers can live by itself although, 377 has made it existence felt allover the place , god dam !! , for chrissake I can only think of kung fu panda fights out of them, you can never ever hunt beavers out there in wild west”. 
A shattering noise , broke my eardrums and then came "slapp!!!" --" you know the sound travel faster although it was a consequence here , "are you day dreaming , u bastard, you are such a jerk , a moron , I am leaving you right now ". "Tell me something I don't know  'flamingo legs" .............. 
Let me tell you guys , : beavers have claws too !! BeAware from Beaver.

Saturday, October 16, 2010



Please find below, my first work on "55Fiction", I tried making them as interesting and surprising as possible, yet I left few in their typical endless ending forms so that they grow upon you and each one has a different ending for wide sect of people reading them.

P.S: 55 Fiction are collection of micro stories of exactly 55 words.
Hey !!! I just realized the acknowledgement was 55 words exact..woohoo J

He Sensed It:
 Immaculate face, seductive aura, shimmering diamonds in moonlight, swaying hair; she gave jitters to S.D; A few centimeters apart from him, they exchanged a few breaths. He sensed “confluence of bodily fluids”. They saw god’s eternal magnificence, closed their eyes for the last time. “Blood washed NH, Couple dead; accident on NH 65” – News Daily.

Confession of Dead:
 Howling cry of family and foes, He was a ruthless Mafia, they said. He Died in a downtown gang war. In the corner of the condolence room sat a beggar shivering with a will in hand. “I declare Sam as owner of my wealth; I seek confession, on this road to perdition”. I am sorry!

Caution Money:
 Girl’s stats and beauty ratios were his grad majors. Goddess of Love climbed stairs as a zephyr of change. Lecture bell distracted him; “can I marry you!” - She said, gave a flying kiss!. 6 broken ribs, bruised face – caution fee for matchless PhD, lost thrown (railing) from which he fell out of distraction.

Manifesting thoughts:

Listening radio, on her massaging chair she sipped her wine. Intimating features and high spirits made her an object of million's desires from evil to saints. At mid night stroke, a glass broke. “Vampire nights on A.I.R was name of the show". “Broken wine bottle aside, Lady in red found dead, teeth marks on neck!

And the result is :
Inundate sleepless nights, haunting dreams of daemon named : Result. He killed me each time with one sin or other (agony or greed). Yesterday night it was what I don’t know, the result were just announced on net, As I clicked Enter. My mom woke me up to tell , your results are out , you have ......

P.S.S:- Please let me know your comments n suggestions 

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Falling trapped to two, four letter words…

When I quote the above line, I think most of you have predicted what words I am talking about? Yes these are the words which have been there ever since the west was west and east was trying to be west. From Gods to Holistic Gurus to Spiritual Tycoons these words were bread and butter for them, be it titling them under root for all human feelings or trying to explain the meaning of eternal sacrifice to attain Moksha to the mortal warrior or crippling millions in world with their hypnotic effect. Although I am not sure because the one who preached it was approx. banned in West in year I was born. I happen to see the videos although and most of you must have seen it or have heard about it.

I don’t understand whether it’s a planned conspiracy from west that 3 decades ago they were paralyzed with it , now the same is happening to US (wana be U.S.). The infusion of these words in our daily dictionaries have had worse effect on us , we use them , show our emotions and just like an automatic toilet cleaning machine the emotion stops in a while and we move on. How simple three step process it is isn’t ? Indeed it is. Another example I would quote to embrace the warmth behind the second four letter word is : We fall for it so often ( such as – hey hip hop is so cool ( I bet many of us can’t even get the lyrics ) ) , just because your neighbor happens to lost his bolts , you passionately loose yours ,feeling a bliss of enlightenment within. There are enormous examples for this four letter word which happen to have a positive vibe within although and is considered safe to use in public compared to its counterpart, which happen to be a phenomenon likely to occur after the previous word was spoken. 

Keeping the tingling feather apart and moving on to the serious note , The problem lies in the commitment , the value for emotions and the realization of importance of time ( willful action ). We don't give a darn why we spoke these words with respect to the consequence which they must be properly used for , its a more casual scenario and both these Heavenly words have lost its glory and soul. We get emotional but we don't act righteously  most times, when we act - we don't stay committed to it. Whom should we blame for it , the judgmental media - who is becoming the new supreme court , typically corrupting the freckle light brains of our country making them more n more futile ; The wana be approach ; or the "MOVE ON" insulin which we are daily injecting in our veins to get relief from pain levels from 11 different dimensions n spheres which can be explained in different lecture in School of thoughts ...... 
I think self should be blamed and correcting self is only way out.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Waiting For Dawn……

 Waiting For Dawn……

The little flower in turquoise blue
Wakes up fresh with the morning dew
All along night he dreamt so much
Fulfill them all and sky to touch

He washes his face with cool dawn breeze
Red sun light, applied some fairness cream
Looks around to see his frens in valley
Say hi to all and gave a hug to aunt Lilly.

Ready to spread his petals across
He wanted to fly like passing albatross
Hearing a hum of the yellow queen bee
Frightened a bit he shivers when he sees.

Then came Venus, The Red butterfly
She sits on his petal delicately like Thumbelina
Sang morning rhyme to him, like Madonna.
The valley is full of lil’ beasts all around
He says to her to hide in his petals crown

The mystical aura with winter just passed
He wishes that this could ever last
At the stroke of afternoon he says to her
I would be there for u till end of this world
Listening to this, tears trickled down
Promising him to return tomorrow,
She flies away with heavy heart and deep sorrow

As the evening comes, he knows the truth
The gardener will pick him like he always does
He don’t want to be gifted to a Juliet,
Neither has he wanted to be minced to paste
Nor he wanted to be placed in temple
All he wants is one full day, of this mortal life.
He wants to see the moonlit night and
Cassiopeia’s Cloak and the Orion’s Bow
Wishing it to the leprechaun of meadows
Hoping to meet her again, he closes his petals
If he is lucky he’ll see the next dawn light………………………………

                            The Turquoise Flower: S.D

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Monday, September 6, 2010

The never spoken LOVE Triangle

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Imagine how will your brain tingle to your commands after an all night buffet of Gossips pot pouri, Spicy “Bakar” curry and bitching salads. It will surely be in a state of abeyance and abjure your commands and orders and ignore them bluntly. Confused? don’t be because this the just a upper makeup of the most romantic, spicy, aromatic, strong yet sensitive love triangle story you would have ever imagined with your grey matter .
Saturday, 20th September, almost ¾ asleep I went to the near by, breakfast junction to have my morning brunch and wake my nutshell by having some Poha, chai and Jalebi, that’s an authentic Indian breakfast. I was so drowsy within my lost world of last night’s talk and movie that I assumed as if I am in a movie called “ Nashta bhi kahe Kuch Kuch hota hai” by “Chai Wala Productions” directed by Nimbupani brothers, and Music by our own Nashta Oscar winner K.B P .( P.S- KBP stands for Kanda (onion) bhajji Pakodewala) .
Let me introduce to our cast – Poha, and ever sensitive, soft spoken , an aam Nashta , yet different from heart. , everyday morning when he takes bath in fresh tap waterfall and get dressed in typical yellow turmeric attire , with grace of little golden onion flakes and peas giving him a natural Indian guy look, I’ll rather refer him as Dude from the small town. With his soothing fragrance of coriander and sauf, he definitely is capable of raising a few looks from the near by ladies.
Our hero works in a shop, where everyday he tries to impress his true love ( He is the role model of single sided lovers association ) Miss Jalebi ……. (Flash Back)
(Flash back – continues) Miss Jalebi , as the name suggest is our very own confused , unpredictable, enigmatic, sweet , candid , amiable , eloquent ladki , for that matter she is a hybrid masterpiece of the unforgettable bollywood & Hollywood beauties such as Madhubala, Waheda rehman, Neetu Singh, drew Barrymore, Asha Parik and Madhuri dixit. A serene beauty , with a mystical , spell casting aura of cardamom and Kesar. She is still not sure whether she loves our hero or not , thus always ending up in fighting with him an then repenting for it. How typical of a Indian Gal that is … isn’t ! ! J
(Present) …. So every day morning , our hero , try to impress her with his soft hearted talks, elegant ways of chivalry , and she reciprocate with the same delicacy , they look so happy together , and even our Nashta wala is happy serving them together in a special package called “ Poha –Jalebi” special. A happy couple after all isn’t……
But u know, how can the love story be so smooth, if it’s a smooth one than its definitely a infatuation , In our present scenario also , Don’t you think something , a special character is missing here . You are right... Our third angle of love triangle is Miss Chai , the Sexy, strong, sizzling, an aplomb, confident, and successful hottie, a true cocktail of Jeenat, shabana , Deepika , Julia Roberts , Scarlet Johnson and Penelope. She is the dazzling lady of new age world , yet she posses a deep attraction towards our very own seedha munda of town , Mr. Poha . She almost every morning spell bounds him with her erotic attire , in the crystal cup, her masala fragrance , and fuming looks can blew up any nutties mind’s senses off, poor Poha ram is just a guy from small town was an easy bait for her. Nashta wala’s another special package was suitable called “ Chai-Poha Masale maar ke” .
Each day , the Poha ram falls in a fits , whether to go with the chai or our own sweetie pie Jalebi , both ladies distinctly different from one another yet posses strong sense of attraction or may be love for him. But each day for him is like a new reincarnation and a new birth where sometimes he is coupled with Jalebi and other times with chai, but each time he is clubbed with one , somewhere down the heart he feel misery of the other’s detachment & he is never able to figure out who is his true love , because till the time he decides to reach a conclusion he is either already dead in the sink or ends with morning bowel soup in stomach.
I am sure one day he finally comes out of his confusion or may be in Nashta Life there is an option of polygamy , where he can have multiple loves together considering the condition both of them are ready to share him , what a night mare it could turnout to be , If it didn’t workout. And we find our Poha ram been burnt by chai’s heat and taking last breaths when sunken in jalebi’s sugar syrup out of gluttony of possessiveness.
Every day morning from 7 to 12 afternoon , the stage is perfectly set for the masala bollywood movie with people hopping in, buying there favorite combos, Suddenly my brain hits a reminder signal with the shop keeper bursting my ear apart shouting for his money. As I woke up from an early morning dream movie, I gave him his share and I took my favorite combo… HMmm guess what I might have taken , It would be easy for those few who know me inside out ( Kaminey types J) …. It is …. No No No J
Keep guessing my frens, till my next sequel of the movie called “Poha bhi Kahe Dil toh pagal hai”
A True lover of Indian breakfast

Saturday, September 4, 2010


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 Silent, Saga...

My Conscience says, I am growing
Coming up to the silent patch while rowing
Silence is deep like ocean’s trench
Enchanting wisdom from ancient sage
The journey was rough but worth the peace I reached.

From the road of broken dreams
Entangled in troubled mind it seems
Darkness creeps in, and shadows grew
Its was a long battle I fought and only few knew.

I saw it all, bleed and tasted dust,
Dust of sorrows and tears of horror
Spell bounded by the vicious spell
Spell of confusion, frustration, self regret
The crown fell as my sword caught rust.
I found something scribbled on the rock…

Once a Sage told me:
Be Achilles: Don't fight for victory,
As victories are for kings, fight for glory,
Fight for Immortal zenith of fearlessness and pride...
For this u will be remembered in history,
Even when the kings are burnt, buried and forgotten."

From the cliff of mount doom
I thought my life, was rather doomed
I stood there, pleading to almighty for courage and Might
I saw the wisdom star, from grey clouds
The blade of my sword needs to be forged again
From the shards of lost thrown, the king shall rise again

My conscience knows, it took ages for me to stood tall
Tall at pinnacle of glory where there was no fall
I hardened and learned my lessons,
Looking back I smile at the road I took
Dark and gloomy, this was seldom looked.
Life wouldn’t have become sober, silent and deep,
Unless I was torn, buried and burnt and reformed from ashes. 

Phoenix Reborn: Saket Dabi

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Forte Of Omens

 Forte Of Omens 
Turning pages of the novel I always wanted to read I was thinking I didn't saw an omen to start it earlier , Its a famous one; a world wide bestseller, is filled with clues and instances to make you believe that something like "omens" do exist . They may be hope of a pitiful heart or a curse of a young soul or nothing for those who think their actions are the best "omens" to guide their future.We all think the same as the last genre, but fall trap to it so often that we swing between the pseudo stages and surely get affected with them , even the brave of the brave , mighty of the mightiest shields bearers had and will be always affected by the magic of "omens" .

"Omen" --An omen (also called portent or presage) is a phenomenon that is believed to foretell the future, often signifying the advent of change. Its a force , a motivation , a curse , a idea , a hope , a start and all those adverbs of the literature which governs the verb , i.e our action and thus affect the adjective of the same , that's the nature/quality of our work.  
for e.g -- you see a bird and spell bounded by its beauty , its a good omen.

But what happen when you are totally lost in interpreting them , then to act upon, even if you don't understand or notice them . This is what happened with me , I had this novel always, but never read it because I never thought it would be an interesting one , thus would have missed it almost until now. Omens are not in our control they are like time windows from " kate n leopold,time machine - movies" the time,location and occurrence can be only predicted as a possible outcome not a surety, can occur any where , only thing we know to do is to make choice and act upon it , results will anyway prove it whether or not, they were for you or not .

Omens are not geographically bounded , they occur equally in west and east , but I think we see , search or find one; often then our eastern counterparts , they are busy chasing there verbs and are governed with outcomes of type of adjectives . Who has succeeded more , well to judge it there are more factors to be looked into , and i dont want to go into those. I know one thing we are masters of a language which require not no knowledge of languages practiced,written or spoken , Its a language of faith , trust and believe we rely mostly on . Even in hot soup of problems we rely on it , because we so often have prooved that we just make it the 11th minute and surprise all. 

This "Omen" or force is called the "The great Indian Jugaad (Ready last minute fix ) " We inherit it , atleast the new India realized the beauty of it from past two decades if not before , We believe in it so religiously that we have now relied upon it completely(at least for one instance) , and I believe that we will not fail this time ( MEGA GAME EVENT , Common wealth 2010)  and prove this omen yet another time as a success of the wild wild west, the land of serpents and snake charmers , because when we truly chase something whole universe manifest it for us.

The list of few of the most common omens we know ( at least WEST knows:) )
1) लड़की पलटी  तोह फस्सी , पलट पलट ......... :) .. if girls turns its a good sign for love
२) यार बिल्ली ने रास्ता काट दिया .... cat cuts(passes) by the road .. poor cat must be thinking the same.
३) जाते समय टोकना मना है. why did you stopped me while going.... if someone who care for u reminds you of something... u should be thankful than sorry :)
४) दिन में एक बार सरस्वती जी हमारी बात सच करती है ..... goddess saraswati , we make one wish per day come true so say good always , atleast that makes you a little wise , but greedy :)
५) शगुन अच्हा होना चाहिए , गरीबो को दान दो . donate , its a good omen , help more to needy , and become more needy :)
६) छीकना मत , काम ख़राब हो जायेगा . dont sneeze work will get spoil , poor work will defnitly spoil if you have a cold :) 
7) एक्लिप्स मत देखना , बुरा शगुन होता है , don't watch eclipse its evil fate for you.
and many many more , including the jugaads ( positive) omens. :)

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A Little Death In Dixie
The SuburbsThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Soul of A City

 Soul of A City 

Six days in one of my favorite places in India , Mumbai , although the visit had nothing great in for me this time apart from new dreams and this blog post. It certainly had a soul of itself as felt by several others who opt to describe the very existence of soul of city. I like the Bombay more than the Mumbai, reasons no particular ,but for those who have lived here, visited this place a few times this feeling would seep in automatically,  and one will automatically refer to it as Bombay than the other name( draped with racism). Frankly this is the very soul of this city, it has a mighty heart for all living beings although if you cant match in the schedule calendar of this city with yours you will soon fall aside the Queue and would be left alone, paralyzed by the feeling of limbo of being never able to make it .

Its a city for those who love to chase and chase hard, chase can be anything from local to best bus to ur endless dreams for a better tomorrow. the best way to feel the city and be the part of this magical place is to plan, schedule things in synchrony with its. If its raining , don’t rely on last minute hook up plans as u may do for other cities because if u do it in Bombay, you are surely gona miss your appointment.
 Do it like the way Romans Do , or should i say , Do it like the Mumbaikars Do, if you in the city , be on you toes , Its a simple logical way here , If you cant run for things, some one else will do and you fall apart from the place. On a brighter note the city never sleeps, offer a genuine heart, the mother of Indian cinema, the Business capital , vibrant night life,  A never ending spirit which never fades out even in the doom days of the city.

There is a lot to write on this city , but may be this is just a preview , each traffic signal, each street has its own story to tell. There are few up my sleeves too, that’s for later posts. 

Sayonara Bombay for now !!!!!!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

what Precedes what ?

what do we feel ?
what do we act upon ?
what are our actions based on ?

Does our thoughts precedes our actions or its a phenomenon, one cannot describe - classic case -- " whats the cause of what". A random thought on this theory of "what causes what" below is a perception, which may vary to any degree of inception level , you want to pursue it or not, It is just my projections of my subconscious mind.

when we miss something , "missing" is the feeling we feel , "desperation" is the cause for it and feeling being a consequence , comes as emotional & hormonal secretions of chemicals in our brain which subdues/increase our blood pressure to cause anxiety as an action. "Desperation " is the sprint  we run on the treadmill of "change" we want. We burn out , increase metabolic rate  yet we are stationary demographically, only revolving in a straight line(when joined by two ends of phenomenon , makes a circle, a dejaavu ) , and finally when we reach the so called change ( calories used/time/distance) , we only start another trip to the next change we want. Thus the urge of never ending 'Wants' primarily held the process of catharsis of our own dreams we chase on for a better reality tomorrow , which is again a relative aspect as it lead to another genesis we chase.

On an whole a thought precedes a feeling and a idea precedes the thought . Ending up with quote from the Inception - " An idea is a resilient parasite placed in the unconscious mind of a subject , which defines or destroys him  , its like a cancer which grown upon as a thought "

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fir wahi Ansh

फिर वही अंश की चाह !!!!

कुछ खोए से , कुछ गम सुम से ,
हमने सारे वोह गम थे सहे .
नम सी यह आंखे , जैसे सूखी मरू धरा ,
अस्खो से भिगोना चाहे हम , जैसे माली का कोई वन हरा.
उस खोये मधुर अंश की चाह , एक कारन ! ,
फिर इस दो राहे पे,  हम खड़े निराश.

ना चल पते , ना दौड़ , कदम  उठाते  किस ओर ....!
इस दोराहे पे , जैसे हम किचे जा रहे , विपरीत दिशाओ की ओर .
कोई साथी , कोई दोस्त , मिल जाये हमें , यह सोचते हम ,
सुर्ख आँखों से कही दूर तक खोजते उनके कदम 
लेकिन आज शायद हम , अकेले , अकेले ही खड़े है 
इस रेगिस्तान में  ,जहा सिर्फ धूल और गम के धोरे है.

दिन गुजरा  , शाम ने दी दस्तक 
थके हारे हम हुए , अनंत आकाश के तले नदमस्तक.
सोच रहे है , काश हमारे खोए अंशो का मेला फिर लगता,
नट  के तमाशे से ,रंगीन बिजलियों से ,वो फिर चमकता .
दोस्तों के साथ बैठे हम , फिर १०० बातें करते,
ऐसे ही कट जाते हमारी , तारे निहारते वह रातें .

एक अदने इंसान का वोह सपनो का वंश ,
कहे सपनो में ही रह गए उसके सारे अंश .
लाखों मजबूरिया , अनगिनत त्यागे की जय माला लिए.
जीवन में कई बार अपने अस्तित्व को त्यागे हुए ,
सब को कुश रखने के , निरंतर प्रयतन उसने किये .

आज हमें  हो रहा एक ऐसा एहसास ,
जैसे दुनिया कर रही हो हमपे अट्टहास.
मगर सोचते यह , छलक गयी वोह आंखे , नउम,
क्या सबको खुश करने के  प्रयतन  थे हमसे कम.
जीवन इस दोराहे पे , मात्र एक मजाक से अवगत कराता हैं ,
जैसे हारे हुए सिपाही व् लान्चान्वित  नारी के अश्क उसके घनघोर दर्द  का साक्षात्कार करवाता हैं .

यह जीवन सिर्फ एक दौड़ नहीं , दौड़ नहीं जिसे हम जीत पाते.....
यह एक सफ़र है , जिसे हम सिर्फ अंशो से संजोते हैं. 
यह अंश हमे फिर ले जाते है नए अंशो की और ,
जोड़ते धागे , बनाते एक अंशो की डोर.
एक बार फिर हासिल करने , वोह अनंत गगन ,,
भर उड़ान वोह चल पड़ा एक नए अंश की ओर, लिए फ़कीर की दुआ का विशवास ,
उन्ही कुछ खोए , कुछ नए अंशो , उस वंश की ओर जहाँ  सिर्फ खुशियाँ करती आवास.

                                                                                 उस अंश की तलाश में  : S.D.

P.S the prequel of the three part poem would be posted soon ,  keep looking this space for that "अंश" 

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Doing Nothing gets us tired

Perfection on doing Nothing :)
Life is kind of round robin phenomenon , it goes in circles and each time one finishes another concentric one or out-centric one starts to unfolds but it just cant stop manifest things in front of us Even when we do nothing we are still committed to it and producing maximum we can. 
"doing Nothing ,

"Killing time" , 

"scrolling  mail box" ,

"reading junk mails " ,

" forwarding useless stuff such as sms, mms, picture messages and emails",

"Ignoring CC mails -- because they were just informatory ,we were not suppose to reply eventhough we can solve the matter", 

"engaging in endless saga of chain mails -promising reward, miracles - on forwarding it to number of people-- yet we seldom quibble about." , 

and favorite for most of us "gossip" we have a end to end empire of our gossiping industry - News are like a cigarette smoke it reach many , affect many, enjoyed by a few, cribbed by others and indirectly lambasted by numerous, all this apart from one enjoying the real fag (boy/girl) who enjoy or dislike this unwanted publicity.

And when something as us -- "whats up whats going on , how is life going " - we wind up saying :- 
" nothing much , going on , u say " and we casually forgeting rather pretending to be "vella" doing nothing. but we did so much to add to the local vanity fair around us :). 

we are always up with our devil shoes on to find new targets to cover up over emptyness :). We eggon this act of NOTHING doing endorsing it to next level each time we find new news to play with temper with manipulate with and at end of the day we say on dinner table with friends "what a hectic day it was" , when eventually the only work which we did was after 6:00 PM IST (way past morning GMT) , obviously we do need to give some answers to firangs :) , and whole day we had a chat window along side work portal, or plugged in ear phones ( talking to the guy , who sits diagonally oposite) , or playing T.T , chai break, gym break , fag breaks,coffee breaks with "close" frens -- All this to have our bite of latest news of the day if none exist trying hard to make one :) and finally we lay in bed thinking uuuuFffff, WTF so much of work.....:).


E.n.D-- Engaging new Dreams
There it laid happily ever after ,
it just ended up in a hollow laughter.
laying all ends up bundled in sand,
Its not something ,what you deserved in end.
you were Beowulf , u were a king , 
and poets will make many ode to sing.
if not this time may be sm other ,
I hope next time u go a lil further.
may be you will have fellowship of martyrs marching with you,
till the very end where only reached, a few. 
Now you know the mistakes you made, 
its high time for your revenge and enough has been said.
its not important how hard you hit , 
but, how hard to take it when you are hit.
born again, from ashes , like the phoenix do.
for now , u lay in ashes , with a blossoming lily on your grave.
life is like that it runs for all in phases .
we can just hit back , and win this war if we are brave. 
or else time will pass and you may be remembered by just your sons and their sons,
but not as sun who never faded , even when others were burnt , buried and forgotten. 
                                                                    is it a beginning or the EnD ? S.D.