Seek In


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inside Out


The great wall built in your heart,
Tough and strong, no one can dart.
But Let me say, there will be a crack,
To sneak through it & find the track.
The other side where darkness resides,
Buried truths, But reality Smiles.
What we are is just a show on stage,
Inside we are, just jokers in the cage.
To know the truth, juts take a walk,
I am sure there would be lot to talk.

The fog gets clear and all the doubts,
We get answers to all, as we look Inside Out.
The sodden life and the pompous style,
Is jus bull shit, pile on pile.
When someone shows the path to take,
Nook the thought, you just get vexed.

The Gucci shoes and designer boots,
Are just too fake, Can’t fix your roots.
You carry that mask across 24X7,
The night life and materialistic pleasures,
Make you slave of your own naïve desires.
Running after, what others do,
Loosing the soul aim, you just play fool’s game.

The blaming game you always play.
Life isn't a pack of cards, let me say.
It’s much more then a rolling bid,
If you not think so, you are just an immature kid.
Your vicious mind and malice deeds,
Unhappiness and vagrancy are what it leads.

To desolate you in cellar, isn’t the way,
Look inside out and you’ll find there hope’s ray.
All your answers lie inside you,
Only thing is, you should know where to look.
There are miles to go on this diverse road,
Battles to be won and treasures to explore.
To reach the pinnacle of peace of mind,
Raise yourself and sail through tides.
So look in you and you’ll find your way,
Don’t loose your heart ever, that’s what I always say.

Still trying: to find the Crack: S.D.