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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Soul of A City

 Soul of A City 

Six days in one of my favorite places in India , Mumbai , although the visit had nothing great in for me this time apart from new dreams and this blog post. It certainly had a soul of itself as felt by several others who opt to describe the very existence of soul of city. I like the Bombay more than the Mumbai, reasons no particular ,but for those who have lived here, visited this place a few times this feeling would seep in automatically,  and one will automatically refer to it as Bombay than the other name( draped with racism). Frankly this is the very soul of this city, it has a mighty heart for all living beings although if you cant match in the schedule calendar of this city with yours you will soon fall aside the Queue and would be left alone, paralyzed by the feeling of limbo of being never able to make it .

Its a city for those who love to chase and chase hard, chase can be anything from local to best bus to ur endless dreams for a better tomorrow. the best way to feel the city and be the part of this magical place is to plan, schedule things in synchrony with its. If its raining , don’t rely on last minute hook up plans as u may do for other cities because if u do it in Bombay, you are surely gona miss your appointment.
 Do it like the way Romans Do , or should i say , Do it like the Mumbaikars Do, if you in the city , be on you toes , Its a simple logical way here , If you cant run for things, some one else will do and you fall apart from the place. On a brighter note the city never sleeps, offer a genuine heart, the mother of Indian cinema, the Business capital , vibrant night life,  A never ending spirit which never fades out even in the doom days of the city.

There is a lot to write on this city , but may be this is just a preview , each traffic signal, each street has its own story to tell. There are few up my sleeves too, that’s for later posts. 

Sayonara Bombay for now !!!!!!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

what Precedes what ?

what do we feel ?
what do we act upon ?
what are our actions based on ?

Does our thoughts precedes our actions or its a phenomenon, one cannot describe - classic case -- " whats the cause of what". A random thought on this theory of "what causes what" below is a perception, which may vary to any degree of inception level , you want to pursue it or not, It is just my projections of my subconscious mind.

when we miss something , "missing" is the feeling we feel , "desperation" is the cause for it and feeling being a consequence , comes as emotional & hormonal secretions of chemicals in our brain which subdues/increase our blood pressure to cause anxiety as an action. "Desperation " is the sprint  we run on the treadmill of "change" we want. We burn out , increase metabolic rate  yet we are stationary demographically, only revolving in a straight line(when joined by two ends of phenomenon , makes a circle, a dejaavu ) , and finally when we reach the so called change ( calories used/time/distance) , we only start another trip to the next change we want. Thus the urge of never ending 'Wants' primarily held the process of catharsis of our own dreams we chase on for a better reality tomorrow , which is again a relative aspect as it lead to another genesis we chase.

On an whole a thought precedes a feeling and a idea precedes the thought . Ending up with quote from the Inception - " An idea is a resilient parasite placed in the unconscious mind of a subject , which defines or destroys him  , its like a cancer which grown upon as a thought "

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fir wahi Ansh

फिर वही अंश की चाह !!!!

कुछ खोए से , कुछ गम सुम से ,
हमने सारे वोह गम थे सहे .
नम सी यह आंखे , जैसे सूखी मरू धरा ,
अस्खो से भिगोना चाहे हम , जैसे माली का कोई वन हरा.
उस खोये मधुर अंश की चाह , एक कारन ! ,
फिर इस दो राहे पे,  हम खड़े निराश.

ना चल पते , ना दौड़ , कदम  उठाते  किस ओर ....!
इस दोराहे पे , जैसे हम किचे जा रहे , विपरीत दिशाओ की ओर .
कोई साथी , कोई दोस्त , मिल जाये हमें , यह सोचते हम ,
सुर्ख आँखों से कही दूर तक खोजते उनके कदम 
लेकिन आज शायद हम , अकेले , अकेले ही खड़े है 
इस रेगिस्तान में  ,जहा सिर्फ धूल और गम के धोरे है.

दिन गुजरा  , शाम ने दी दस्तक 
थके हारे हम हुए , अनंत आकाश के तले नदमस्तक.
सोच रहे है , काश हमारे खोए अंशो का मेला फिर लगता,
नट  के तमाशे से ,रंगीन बिजलियों से ,वो फिर चमकता .
दोस्तों के साथ बैठे हम , फिर १०० बातें करते,
ऐसे ही कट जाते हमारी , तारे निहारते वह रातें .

एक अदने इंसान का वोह सपनो का वंश ,
कहे सपनो में ही रह गए उसके सारे अंश .
लाखों मजबूरिया , अनगिनत त्यागे की जय माला लिए.
जीवन में कई बार अपने अस्तित्व को त्यागे हुए ,
सब को कुश रखने के , निरंतर प्रयतन उसने किये .

आज हमें  हो रहा एक ऐसा एहसास ,
जैसे दुनिया कर रही हो हमपे अट्टहास.
मगर सोचते यह , छलक गयी वोह आंखे , नउम,
क्या सबको खुश करने के  प्रयतन  थे हमसे कम.
जीवन इस दोराहे पे , मात्र एक मजाक से अवगत कराता हैं ,
जैसे हारे हुए सिपाही व् लान्चान्वित  नारी के अश्क उसके घनघोर दर्द  का साक्षात्कार करवाता हैं .

यह जीवन सिर्फ एक दौड़ नहीं , दौड़ नहीं जिसे हम जीत पाते.....
यह एक सफ़र है , जिसे हम सिर्फ अंशो से संजोते हैं. 
यह अंश हमे फिर ले जाते है नए अंशो की और ,
जोड़ते धागे , बनाते एक अंशो की डोर.
एक बार फिर हासिल करने , वोह अनंत गगन ,,
भर उड़ान वोह चल पड़ा एक नए अंश की ओर, लिए फ़कीर की दुआ का विशवास ,
उन्ही कुछ खोए , कुछ नए अंशो , उस वंश की ओर जहाँ  सिर्फ खुशियाँ करती आवास.

                                                                                 उस अंश की तलाश में  : S.D.

P.S the prequel of the three part poem would be posted soon ,  keep looking this space for that "अंश" 

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Doing Nothing gets us tired

Perfection on doing Nothing :)
Life is kind of round robin phenomenon , it goes in circles and each time one finishes another concentric one or out-centric one starts to unfolds but it just cant stop manifest things in front of us Even when we do nothing we are still committed to it and producing maximum we can. 
"doing Nothing ,

"Killing time" , 

"scrolling  mail box" ,

"reading junk mails " ,

" forwarding useless stuff such as sms, mms, picture messages and emails",

"Ignoring CC mails -- because they were just informatory ,we were not suppose to reply eventhough we can solve the matter", 

"engaging in endless saga of chain mails -promising reward, miracles - on forwarding it to number of people-- yet we seldom quibble about." , 

and favorite for most of us "gossip" we have a end to end empire of our gossiping industry - News are like a cigarette smoke it reach many , affect many, enjoyed by a few, cribbed by others and indirectly lambasted by numerous, all this apart from one enjoying the real fag (boy/girl) who enjoy or dislike this unwanted publicity.

And when something as us -- "whats up whats going on , how is life going " - we wind up saying :- 
" nothing much , going on , u say " and we casually forgeting rather pretending to be "vella" doing nothing. but we did so much to add to the local vanity fair around us :). 

we are always up with our devil shoes on to find new targets to cover up over emptyness :). We eggon this act of NOTHING doing endorsing it to next level each time we find new news to play with temper with manipulate with and at end of the day we say on dinner table with friends "what a hectic day it was" , when eventually the only work which we did was after 6:00 PM IST (way past morning GMT) , obviously we do need to give some answers to firangs :) , and whole day we had a chat window along side work portal, or plugged in ear phones ( talking to the guy , who sits diagonally oposite) , or playing T.T , chai break, gym break , fag breaks,coffee breaks with "close" frens -- All this to have our bite of latest news of the day if none exist trying hard to make one :) and finally we lay in bed thinking uuuuFffff, WTF so much of work.....:).


E.n.D-- Engaging new Dreams
There it laid happily ever after ,
it just ended up in a hollow laughter.
laying all ends up bundled in sand,
Its not something ,what you deserved in end.
you were Beowulf , u were a king , 
and poets will make many ode to sing.
if not this time may be sm other ,
I hope next time u go a lil further.
may be you will have fellowship of martyrs marching with you,
till the very end where only reached, a few. 
Now you know the mistakes you made, 
its high time for your revenge and enough has been said.
its not important how hard you hit , 
but, how hard to take it when you are hit.
born again, from ashes , like the phoenix do.
for now , u lay in ashes , with a blossoming lily on your grave.
life is like that it runs for all in phases .
we can just hit back , and win this war if we are brave. 
or else time will pass and you may be remembered by just your sons and their sons,
but not as sun who never faded , even when others were burnt , buried and forgotten. 
                                                                    is it a beginning or the EnD ? S.D.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A need for sound Love affair !!

A need for sound Love affair !!
Animals love there territory more than their life , they protect it , enrich it and maintain a endless saga of love, a relation of faith , a relation of honor and a relation to stay committed and loyal to it all of which coupling to make "A sound Love affair". (India) as the mother of inundate sons and daughters in the forms, which gave world and humanity a new meaning , a head start in almost all sectors possible ( mathematics , arts , science - a few).

Quoted by mark twain--“India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most constructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only”. But where do we actually stand in this love affair with our mother,land,space,territory , or ,any form of living/non living entity you desperately love. 63 years and bigger picture still remain unchanged we started with a crippled state of geographic boundaries , 60% of population hand to mouth ,and all sorts of other territorial issues ( which one can imagine as in case of any animal)and we are still dwindling upon , surging on a dwelling state of infested land piece by pests - being same in 63 years.

Only thing we changed was our expertise , excellence in personalizing the ways/motives to grab the share of land we can exploit upon irrespective of love for it. " A C.M and Home minister are atleast hit by shoe torpedoes if not by voes of plea by commoners , and dying security personal in jungles on savage act by inhuman species ( which itself attack coz of their plea not been heard by anyone). Survival has become more important than anything else , and rightly it should be the main aim . But we have forgotten the cost we linger upon doing it .

I am sure if each of us , specially including the 1% Upper-Humans , who are able to control rest 99% at least on papers if not literally , shows love for this Nation and stay committed with it for 365 days. We can map the success of it much higher than what we achieve in years. Simply because 1.2 billion doing something can build another Taj Mahal (a better India) in a year than a group of lethargic , ugly , ill willed species of sloths. We should again fell in love with this nation like we did in 1857 , then it was a handful of people and it took 90 years to gather everyone. but this time we all are into it :) and it would not take another 27 (90-63) years to realise the importance of MASSES. lets stand V for WE, vendetta :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

WikiFish + WikiHunt == wiki Leak or wikiRich

DO you have a DATA :)

Amazed by the melodrama of wikileaks I cudnt resist my self to poke into it to read about it, Wikipedia says – WikiLeaks or Wikileaks is an international organization that publishes anonymous submissions and leaks of otherwise unavailable documents while preserving the anonymity of sources. It is one of the most venomous enemy for any person/nation/organization presently involved in any wrong doing, sadly no business deal of any stature can conclude without personal interest being served for , Its just its just not displayed publically. My  inception is more basic foundation of Wikileaks or such sting channels / hawala / tehelka / undercover operations which can be said as cloud of smoking entities( hidden cameras), which hunt the big fish, intentionally or unintentionally, and results in shortest ways to receive a million dollar in your account. It is mere a Gossipmonger’s snack for a sizzling piece of tabloid.

On an Irony , wikileaks claims itself to be a super hero of some sort , says- Wikileaks states that its "primary interest is in exposing oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet bloc, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, but we also expect to be of assistance to people of all regions who wish to reveal unethical behavior in their governments and corporations." I don’t deny the hero behind it , but It aint itself a saint and all heros have a dark side to them, eventually adding to there frame of versatility. how is it practically possible to conduct such wide scaled , deep routed operations to uncover someone who can get you assassinated in an hour, without help of the same "Body"; which didn’t left its own presidents ( another leak – claiming that , they were assassinated by the Body itself ). All boils down to simply face that it’s a round robin process , to hunt or get hunted turn by turn , yet showcasing both act as separate attribute smartly timed by best , strongest mind of the so termed "Body" maximising locker holding.

Operations/and organizations like this would always make it to behind the bar scenes , interrogations , investigations and detainments but only to end up in few hours , days or may be a few rare year or two. It seems so straight as a simple game of cat and mouse and who stole my cheese or who found my hidden cheeze , but the true bait is too disguised to be butchered. For a list of such incidents one can follow the Wikipedia page of WikiLeaks. link -

We too have a lot of WikiLeak agencies in our country for the matter of satire :- atleast uncovering the path to hell if not to terrorist camp, Naag baba’s apocalypse announcement if not ways to enhance humanity and the most recent "once common wealth , is always private wealth" although Media at least deserve applaud a few times.  We react more to negative news than to positive one.  We spread more negative than optimism and endlessly crib for pale lives. We definitelyi need to change our thinking , approach, and rude gossiping and sting endorsements :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stranger Talks

!!! --- 'StrAnGeR' "TaLks"

Well I think the post explicitly explaining the meaning of my blog is somewhat here , at-least for now, if not for forever, because we are always in tryst to explore truth behind the things. Fagging at a tea shop , and enjoying the shop keeper's nasty comments on pot holes in front of his shop, is the birth place of this post. How often we get into discussions , talks, tea chats , bus stand talks with people( no caste/creed/cult/status and all other divisions possible between two people) we are not sure to see again for all life ? We pose ,we pretend, we show case ourself to be at the center of the chat topic ,we crib, we boost, we gossip,we make statements we never made, we comment on it as if we have a doctorate in it. We don't realize that's the time we are so much in love with the moment, the moment where there is no breaks, we laugh, we share, we smile,we fight, we can be We or we can be president , no bars on the hat we put on; but we enjoy it to the maximum. strangers can be judgmental.. but u don't bother.. coz u r sure u r never gonna bump into them again.. so they can form their opinions about u (gud/bad/ugly), but u wud never b aware of it.. ignorance is bliss!

Explaining this love / affection with stranger souls , we certainly connect with them much better than sometimes we do with our close friends , the reason is we are at absolute free will with this stranger , which makes this relationship so special, the free will of being what u want to be , shedding of what u want , sharing what u want and still be secure that its not gona turn up against u , coz we are pretty much sure that we will not meet him/her forever , and even if we do we still can pretend to be strangers and enjoy it. 

I had quite a galore of talks with auto walas , chai  walas and a few times in train with people of varied ages -- 10s,20, 40, 60+ being few., in parties, chat rooms , shops ; in core-- public places -- these people are so generous, so open ended  , often the most unloved( compared to others in our life), unknown people can be the most generous, heart touching people around , reason can be same for them as well ,the saga of free will .They talk there heart out and pour in emotions for diversified spectrum and you can be part of it else just enjoy the lecture because I am sure one can pic a certain learning from them too. 

The most recent is a friend I made , thanks to the technology making this world a small place atleast for some matters if not geographically. It was an attempt from me to initiate a talk on my personal quest ( needed some info on smthing ) and was glad to saw the response from the person. Frank , candid, vivacious -- are few words I would use, it soon changed into a discussion , shared a few common endeavors -- blogging one of them. As I earlier said , free will is what is most important in these relationships and one should respect it. It was quite a learning , discovering discussion ,I think for both of us , although not very sure of that on other side. The talk ended on this very note to be strangers and continue this unique thing, cant call it a friendship because the counterpart will not agree to it .I  can certainly call it a "Glad Talk ",  and the talk is on hold till the next time we cross each other with some discussion to discuss upon ( thats being an agreement ). Thanks to the stranger I came across. 

These people can be like a blessing in disguise for ones lost soul, Try it out I am sure you would love it and remember them forever. A few of them which were each capable of making a post here were ---

" meeting a Guinness record holder , a cyclist on a lone station called kankanadi ,20 km from mangalore; he was in shattered phase of life ; cursing the govt for not offering him a job -- emotional discussion as how life talks a full circle" 

" meeting a auto wala from pimpri (pune) on a ride to my flat -- He shared a incident where his life was saved (unknowingly) by a pedestrian(mad) who stoped him , just 2 min before a massive accident, at university road(pune), only to find that the mad guy got under train, same day at a crossing nearby-- we often should be thankfull to strangers"

" meeting the MD of mahindra n mahindra, who missed his flight , in train-- awsm discussion on marketing with him " 

" the most recent one is in making its on as I write this "

Many many others who came across my life daily from past 25 years each making some contribution to my life ,altering its course time to time. believe it or not each person make a mark on your life.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Are We Part Of ................. ?

 We are destined !!!

Well its a question , a verse , a myth and a liven reality for millions around that Everything happen for good ? .But I am not quite acquainted with the validity of the phrase ?may be I am a pessimist and love to live I my little nest of negativity but Truth is No one has ever proved me the validity of the it. I think for all who believe that all happens for good, boost about it only when something better is formulated out of their pains ( of any dimension/aspect/sect of life). 

It may be a part of a bigger positive conspiracy by god to us , and we are suppose to behave the way we do rather we are made up like that when we were inculcated with the the feeling called "emotions" , it surpasses pragmatism in most cases. I think we need hope and motivation to carry forward and this phrase is catalyst for the it. But guess why we always expect a better end and come up smiling quoting this to all others around. hope hope hope:) . I myself is no alien to deny living it.

I guess there is good in all the wrongs happening in the world ,Rape, murder, molestations, accidents, riots, mob protests are scarcely few to name. But  can we prove them good .??? or we just believe that their(victims) name came up in Fraternity list( Quoted from Wanted -- movie , Hollywood) and thus were succumb to such catastrophically disturbing endeavors of life OR these heinous and self troublesome acts are part of nomenclature discrepancy .summing it up, they were destined to suffer but than we self contradict ourselves that all happen for good --according to which -- if someone is raped its for her betterment !!!!

I think we are all part of the bigger game , and are just mortals for some one who is playing it ; He/she is not emotional .He is a irrational player and plays indescriminately no matter if the results are forms of sufferings for us. But I guess its better to get motivated by this hope enriched phrase " whatever happen happen for a good"  and thereafter be pompus about it once the the result is postive ,because we dont have any other choice.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Impudent, Analogy :HEART : HOUSEFLY

Impudent Analogy  :HEART : HOUSEFLY
Imaginations of a drunken man can well reach moon and come back flying in a limousine , take a intrepid gallop on India gate and yet be a coward in reality ; well poor guys imaginative conscience may plunder him to hear the voice of the infinity ( P.S. for all couch potatoes consider this as " मैं समय हु, अर्थार्थ आकाशवाणी " )  and make him repant for drinking yet another time ,and consequently take a pledge not to repeat it again, :) as I said earliers(post) its just another confession of taking things as "first time and last time". leaveing aside our hovering doodle here; lets consider another truth ( सच और सिफ सच )--- how oftern have you thought .. that your palm sized four valved self motor driven organ switches its cross bar , yes I mean how often our heart fluctuate " for e.g. while writing this blog I was hopping between calls, sms, facebook and yet attending lecture in my school of thoughts and this time the topic is --- Our heart is a housefly. 

Just as a housefly our heart is  ever fluctuating , ever thumping ,dancing on its own beats and sending constant re-focusing neurotic signals to millions of neurons running across neck to the brain.It may be a chemical and biological phenomenon of shift of focus but I will try to pen down some of the funnier aspects of this scenario. 

Let me present a ubiquitous exemplar -- --  well poor heart he just cant sit on one XX/XY; just like flies cant sit on food for long , they are in an unending hunt to find a better source and better taste. This unending search may lead to scuba dive in a soup both for fly and heart , quite literally ,yet one cant stop the basic instinct of gods creation .
I wonder who came first the fly or the heart ? answer to this may never be found or dug from rocks or inscribed on a cave wall ; but the nature /the traits may live forever till the heart is replaced by a mechanical motor and fly to a robotic machine . for present times -- no pun intended but heart is a free flying ever poking housefly who cannot be caged with horse eye shades to look in one direction , even if done so, I think necessity is the mother of all inventions and its more a need and nature than anything else rest is quite understandable. a few scratch pad scribblings are as under to add spice --
" hey dude looks at her **** ; he soo dammms cutee; can I drop you home ; I love him soo mucchhh; yaar tota hai tota , item ekdum , he drives an audii yaar..... muaah , check it out dude , yaar hamare batch mein ek bhi achi ladki nahi hai --ki farak penda hai juniors hai na , aj yeh kal woh ...-- In short our heart fluctuate and find new target the same way we change to fresh clothes every day , and shop for new to replace old . 

Ramifications of a fluctuating heart and nature of fly can be clubbed in most scenario we land ourselves in. In this time of scarcity , grabbing / manifesting opportunities and resulting risks are progressive statistics , our heart as always encountered and surged upon , its never ending tryst of getting more is something hearts and flies had in common both of them love to live in endless saga of butterfly effect ,a metaphor that encapsulates the concept of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory  namely that small differences in the initial condition of  a dynamic system may produce large variations in the long term thus both trying hard to manifest a better something.