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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Looking in the eyes of storm.

Looking into Eyes of Storm. 
Its been a silent day so far , may be because I am looking in the eyes of storm , storm which seems so silent at the epicenter. its like an lion if one look in its eyes , he posses such an aplomb aura , you can actually smell the sweat from your neck dripping down the neck , the zephyr forms a cool effect because u never know whether the next second you will be breathing air or would be part of belly soup for the king of jungle.

Its an old epitome that one must be like deep river rather than a shallow one because one cannot predict the power even when it is so silent . all we see mystic silence. depicting a scintillating sequence from movie 300, where 300 men , waits for an  horrendously  apocalyptic army at the cliff of Sparta, left even the army of whole world in jitters, that was a war exemplar but history speaks even Laconic use of words is a commensurate way to kill even the mightiest of leaders by vituperating their beliefs.

A soldier may be in acute anguish and his heart may be filled with appalled feelings but he remains calm till the last nerve to serve for his country and remain impervious for lost battlefield, he fights and dies like a brave man. As I always say there are inundate examples of such wise men, and storms. some of them we look upon others we overlook.But have a look and who knows you may generate zeal to fight your own storm for mere survival. I am still trying to find my way, but i am trying.

Look into eyes of your deadliest , voracious dreams and fight them , give it a try ..... if you look and focus at the turbulence of the storm within no time you would be devastated like an husk straw. Look into eyes.. May be its not easy to do... but i feel it will definitely help you fight it. 

Friday, October 16, 2009

Free Bird


If the phrase Free Bird is to be transformed into the mathematical function , How many variables will be needed to describe it ? , Like a modulus have two values , the phrase itself can be described in exact contrasting colors of traits of any species. Good and Evil. The other day I was reading an article in TOI , illustrating the evil as an proportional indicator to trace back the good. Its pretty obvious , one must compare to find the better one, if we don't commit mistake we cannot value success , if we cannot be evil we cannot be good. 

Looking back in Indian mythological characters be it bhisma , arjun , yudhistera, or the lord himself Krishna , posses equal traits good and evil. coming back to the primary concern of the article free bird . Free bird is a species of people having free will feathers and independence as their wings to fly on . Although these sometimes  can be seen in as vultures of terrorism lambasting the common-hood and leaving them crestfallen and enervated to plea to almighty,

Contrasting the above epitome and moving towards a better sangfroid expemplars in the faces such as A.R Rehman spreading his music across borders and bringing in the togetherness of the Free bird Mankind. there are inundate birds to trace back and forth the history and present pages. but what is important is it always starts with a change , a revolutions , it does have a trait of evil to pursue the endless goodness within.

Change is the soul of free bird , and soul does not have an angel/devil approach to its energy , it only posses the energy to break the cage, its is after that he decide to take a stance whether to free its mates, and pursue feudalism or free the souls and be brothers, sharing life beings. One cannot say what bring the evil or the goodness first ;be it personal interest or common wealth; its within the instinct which cannot be described by any science presently we have.

I think one has to be evil to be a free bird , the altruism can follow up later .... Just give it a thought... The variable are not many to describe, yet the repercussions  are endless.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let me celebrate... Courtesy (My brother).. A True Story

Let me be me ..  

P.S. The article is a true story of my brother... It gives me immense pleasure to have him , and I feel proud to include his article here.

With a lot of exuberance and delight, I feel exulted in informing that I have completed a year at Sasken. Well, no doubt the period has been

one with a lots of troughs and very few crests...:)

I faced situations which perhaps I had never faced before. From being penny pinching to penny seeking, I have done that all. I have been
through the worst of my financial health. From following some fatuous self implemented austerity drives to some inane stingy practices... I have done that all...

I faced embarassing situations. Situations which disintegrated and thrashed my self respect. Bullied over my confidence and almost decimated my values as an individual. The hardest part is that I feel
I could have been saved from this agony. When I yearned for help and
motivation, I only found myself being mocked and presented with adages
and stories of others coming out of such predicaments. Ofcourse it is
difficult to see through and feel the pain of others.

Well, when there's so much pain... why celebrate the day....??

Every thing in life comes with a purpose. I think such recessions and
"professional" instabilities are not just ephemeral but also very few
in a lifetime. But the lessons they teach are permanent. And this last
year has left some similar permanent imprints on my mind too. When I
was burning in the chambers of darkness, the darkness of sorrow;
crying for a ray of hope and  enlightenment... I could only see them
going in vain. They say tough times do not last long but tough people
do... Well I find myself tougher. Tougher because I learnt to stop
expecting from people...and from people, I mean absolutely no one. It
was not that I was incapable or lacked acumen that I had to face such
times. It was only destiny. And despite that, they lost faith in me.
Looked down upon me...

At the end of this year, I find myself a lot more pragmatic and
determined. Although the cobwebs of problems haven't lasted over here
and they would never do, but I have learnt to face them on my own. I
may not be affluent at this point of time like many others... but I am
surely richer in thoughts and courage. I may not have accumulated too
much money in the first year of my professional life but I have
certainly acknowledged and accepted harsh realities of life. The year
also brought to me certain feats like an award for best creative
writng, consistent successes at the quiz forum. The year also helped
me come across different people at workplace. Different teams,
different GIS's (and every GIS came as a nightmare.. first one
informed about the salary cut, second one about leave without pay....
and the last one day that reinstated the bond... meaning that I cannot
get out of the place before Oct next year without paying 2Lakh
bucks....Isn't it a nice little corporate prison to be trapped
in...and by the way 2 lakh bucks.... :) I have not even earned that
sum so far.....and that means I am stuck over here to celebrate
another anniversary the next year..haha), different trainings that I
have undergone... some of them absolutely futile....

Well, when there is so much to take from a year, then it does justify
its celebrations....I may sound a bit bewildered in celebrating the
year... but thats how it is.. A milestone in itself.... a story of joy
and grief...fortunes and misfortunes...pleasure and up
something and taking up others....And when I say celebrate, it doesn't
mean to throw an opulent party-like celebrations out of ostentations
and flattering around.... after all this is the biggest thing I have
learnt from the year...:).. let me be austere....even the Congress
Netas are with me on that....Let me celebrate it with a fag and
tea...Let me bolster my grit and faith... Let me stand taller
out...Let me be me....Let me be me...