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Monday, September 29, 2014

The True You

In this escapade called life, how often we say, this is not true me, the true me is awesome, is different and I hope true me comes to live someday. Are we born with such dilemmas or not? Or we change the skin according to the situations only to realize the older one was better equipped to deal with life? I am not sure, but we definitely go soul dipping every now and then to find the true us, the true north for us. Day dreamers like me dream “the better them” will conquer world, but may be the present self is the real me. 

The endless quest of finding the “true self” changes us multiple times over the course and still we wander inside to find the right clothes, the “You”. I guess there is no one suit to fit all occasions, what matters is your style, your ability to present yourself to the world , even the worse of you can show who you really are, coz world may reject you many a times , to make you realize how resilient you are to pursue your beliefs but that’s just one side of the coin, it may very well lead you to your demise only to make you realize you need to change and find the real you, the better you. As I say – the pursuit is perpetual but acceptance of current you is constant. It’s the constant that brings the strength, and helps one to embrace the love affair between you and your better self and a hope that someday you meet.

That's just my style - SD

Monday, September 1, 2014

For there are times we live for, for there are moment we adore... 
There is no right or wrong for those moments , coz souls are just pure.. 
Those moments are beyond love , those moment is what we live for.
There is no closure no saying good bye... 
I still wanna get entangled in you , I don't know why... 
I know I have been away..fighting multiple wars on my way... I lived on .. And now I won't be away.. 
For those moments I wana live for , those moments we adore