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Friday, February 5, 2010

A tree tale

 From a seed to a strong tree ,we engineers grow in 4 years ,it all starts will the tiny seeds laid in the soil of hostels ,1st time away from home all alone ,on there own, good or bad right or wrong …they tumble ,fall , get hurt a few times but grow, grow with there experiences .Days of home sickness slowly are curbed away from their minds. Time passes by, the seed grows into a small plant, they plays with the breeze, the rain of fun and frolics ,nourished  and nurtured by the winds and soil of studies and knowledge. Each season bring new surprises for him some gives happiness others hurricane of sorrows , but he resist and stand tall against all odds. And smiles as he knows he have friends and fellows who are with him always ,they give him power, the strength and manure of love and care .The adolescent sibling grow to a full grown tree as the years pass by ,each one trying to become taller than other ,better ,stronger then other ,the air is filled with competition to become best ,but once when he comes out of all the artificial happiness and rat race , he relax ,and happy to see his friends waiting for him, as a true friends would , and at this point of life when a new world  of glory , victories ,maturity & responsibility awaits them ,when they looks backs they see nothing but best 4 years of their life, the years which meant so much for them .definitely they say together “ those where the best days of their life” 

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