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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good guys-VENUS-Bad guys!

Good guys-VENUS-Bad guys!

The classic case of being “Just friends” is kind of new scripted mantra to keep distance from demises of being commited to something which is most likely against your free bird nature. But if you look around you almost run to a conclusion, if you are a guy, and deny till death if you are a girl, that : Good guys end up being " just friends" and potentially Bad guys ends up as "Boyfriends". Well I blame it on theory of evolution - The "Potentially" aggressive man can come over the cuddly sweet chap most often, if not by hook then by crook. The adrenalin rush just gets it for them.

Don't you think so that’s called the manly attitude in most cover speeches, any girl effectively make to highlight her new crush? For our cuddly guys - the max you get is – “He is so cute”! There is no shortage of exemplars around if you see from all sects of living beings. The story remains the same, either you like it, accept the ugly truth and become a dark knight or be a soft toy.

Well there is another page to the theory which says that guys pretend to be dumb to get into girls, you show your cuddly, cute chin face with honey coated smile on it and there you go! You got the jack- potJ. You just have to pretend truthfully that you are dumb on it, rest is automated. Be an ally and you will get your timely perks. 

Girls have an advantage on it any way, I blame it on the male/female ratio since the time the eve wanted to have apple and Adam wanted her. Females have a choice. It’s designed that way in their genes by god. No pun intended all species have a plan B on card most lifetimes they live. Be it a guy, a Teddy bear, or a G.I Joe with biceps of size of a log or a girl who choose the progression of genes.

Well both types are amidst contrasting war from the time it all begun. It depend on the Venus, which Mars she wants to land upon. There are all type of choices around.
For people who are on plan B or in transition phase between plans here are few common coffee beans you would love to smell and you are free to imagine

 “We are just good friends, media always created hype, we still talk to each other”
 “Yea I have been living next door to her…… no!! We are just friends”


  1. ha ha ha :) coward girls :) lols...

  2. dude first of all, it is the good guys who increase the cost of girls(read sex) by constantly courting them, secondly girls hoard sex(a commodity in my eyes)creating an artificial scarcity for it thus increasing its cost, so that they can trade more for it(more educated, more handsome, richer guy).
    My message to guys'stop increasing the cost' and to girls'hoarding is illegal'

  3. @ avineet well :) i kind of agree in some ways to you , i like the business terms you used :) it any way boils down to Demand supply ratio buddy :D. Its a perception:- cost decides quality!!

  4. Ha ha ha ...gud one..gud topic for discussion ..gud wrk ..keep it up.:)