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Thursday, September 3, 2009

How much does it matter?

The teenagers in India has surpassed the level of romantic quotient of mind, and sneaked through the cracks to the land of higher practical quotient. Simply because they have started asking questions, thinking more rationally, risking more frequently and taking charge by control of their own life. I think most of you today would prefer anurag kashyap’s Gulal to suraj barjatia’s and yashraj’s mushy romantic stuffs. But the question is how does this change in attitude matters to the country, whose elite panel of politicians is busy making publicity gimmicks and earning out of unending discussion over a dead man. Who may or may not have divided the boundaries of the country half a century ago.

Why can’t our leaders be futuristic? , there is so much to do but unfortunately no one to do. Why can’t we select the top 1% from the 100 billion of us, just because the youth of today has “who gives a damn to the politician” attitude. But unless we select our own, we cannot ask for a better democracy, it’s being ruled by the dacoits of the power and would be ruled by it in coming years where top politicians are not even graduated from a reputed college.

The question remain the same “ how much does it matter”, where one live in a land where the police charges you to even make and FIR for a lost I-Phone , where you are judged by the face ,that you are a rich brat and you must be spoiled one. All of us want to have that little extra fun, a lil more adventure in life not by guiding our self motivation oneself to take the right decision for the country, for society But by doping one extra joint or raving inside out.

There is one simple reason to why west is been hit by severe financial debacle , we all call it CREDIT CARD, the teens , the families in the west had an unending habit of engrossing in EMIs , and crediting more and more money from the banks. Unfortunately we in India is not as hit by the storm as they had been, because there is small % of country’s population which uses EMIs exaggeratedly unfortunately the number are exponentially growing up. If one ask us why do you need to take an extra pair of jeans from SS, we say how does it matter ? “Credit Card hain na”

Assertions made above are very few , but they are big enough to raise ones grey cells to someextent. We all need to think about this question , no matter if it is global warming, AIDS, H1N1, defense , government, country… any thing. Just ask yourself HOW DOES IT MATTER and if you get a satisfactory answer , go do what you want to.


  1. Everyone has the answer for 'How much does it matter?'The answer is another question-'Why should it matter for me?'And the answer for this matters

  2. The real question is when does it matter ?It matters only if it is somehow affecting ME,ME and ME.Somehow the so called middle class of each country not only India is so DISSCONNECTED with the rest of the people,its as if they cease to exisit....till all the mad bloodshed be it in the name of religion,borders,or caste is happening to someone else its just plainly unfortunate...a few unruly debates ,literally hysterical anchors shouting themselves hoarse on the visual medium its all forgotten the next week.Its somebody else's problem..not mine.The attitude is what can I do singlehandedly????The day each of us can stand up and extend a hand to our fellow beings without being divided over colour,caste and creed will be the day of true reckoning and victory of all that is still good in this mad, mad world of ours...

  3. Very truly said Di,
    A small concern if one have over it will matter a lot ... to change a bigger picture