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Friday, September 11, 2009

"PENDU" People

"PENDU" the word originated from the language Punjabi, its direct meaning is dumb Villager. I think all of us behave like PENDUs do, in atleast a few quarters of a day.Be it crossing the road on a Green light signal , or parking just in front of No parking board, How casual we are isin't or should i say PENDUs . what an irony , I myself being behaving like one atleast 10 times a day is writing this blog, U know accepting ones guilt is the best way to confess.

Our Mr PENDU, can come in any avatar in front of you , and one fine day if its your own D day , u urself would be the avatar. Be it a " who let the dogs out " ringtone by our own Mr Mishra ji or dealing with shares at dalal street, Mr Gupta, why can't we realise we are unknowingly entering someone else comfort zone .the other day I saw a person Spitting from his window , eventually on a Honda Civic, But We Indian feel pride in doing it , commiting it over an over again , even in living our self PENDUs life.

Take e.g of our own neighbour Mrs sharma, the living queen I must say in PENDUgiri, she can beat any tom dick and harry in it, her PENDU wealth ranges from asking a cup of sugar from us everyday to, relentlessly being with her fan following Anita ji , kavita ji and sunita ji and having gossip at someones Funeral about the matching Sandals to the white saree, to having a costom made personalised FISH market at home , where SAAS BAHU " K " soaps are played on home theater , their so called "Hamara apna Cinema". bull shit.

Being PENDU a few time is no harm my fren,but living it everyday is a Fatal.The other day I broke signal , and was feeling heroic about it,What a PENDU act isint , But you know if i keep on narrating You all of this , IT will not help much and u may end up saying "ARE SAB KARTE HAI YAAR" . ... PENDUGIRI and PENDUPANTI is a infinite act of foolishness lived with pride.I hope I am not sounding ONE.


  1. lolz..... a hatke topic chosen.n well said-"PENDUGIRI and PENUPANTI is a infinite act of foolishness lived with pride"

  2. The Idea , was thought of at a common place , u knw it [:P]