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Friday, October 16, 2009

Free Bird


If the phrase Free Bird is to be transformed into the mathematical function , How many variables will be needed to describe it ? , Like a modulus have two values , the phrase itself can be described in exact contrasting colors of traits of any species. Good and Evil. The other day I was reading an article in TOI , illustrating the evil as an proportional indicator to trace back the good. Its pretty obvious , one must compare to find the better one, if we don't commit mistake we cannot value success , if we cannot be evil we cannot be good. 

Looking back in Indian mythological characters be it bhisma , arjun , yudhistera, or the lord himself Krishna , posses equal traits good and evil. coming back to the primary concern of the article free bird . Free bird is a species of people having free will feathers and independence as their wings to fly on . Although these sometimes  can be seen in as vultures of terrorism lambasting the common-hood and leaving them crestfallen and enervated to plea to almighty,

Contrasting the above epitome and moving towards a better sangfroid expemplars in the faces such as A.R Rehman spreading his music across borders and bringing in the togetherness of the Free bird Mankind. there are inundate birds to trace back and forth the history and present pages. but what is important is it always starts with a change , a revolutions , it does have a trait of evil to pursue the endless goodness within.

Change is the soul of free bird , and soul does not have an angel/devil approach to its energy , it only posses the energy to break the cage, its is after that he decide to take a stance whether to free its mates, and pursue feudalism or free the souls and be brothers, sharing life beings. One cannot say what bring the evil or the goodness first ;be it personal interest or common wealth; its within the instinct which cannot be described by any science presently we have.

I think one has to be evil to be a free bird , the altruism can follow up later .... Just give it a thought... The variable are not many to describe, yet the repercussions  are endless.


  1. hmmm...nice...quite different way of presenting concept of free bird...specially the last line -

    "one has to be evil to be a free bird "...Seriously need to give a thought to it.

  2. thanks Neha ... for open comment

  3. Hey Neha ,
    thanks , Neetu is my di , she acts as moderator when m not active on the blog.

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  5. to be a free bird one needs to break through ages of convictions and conventions ...and in the process some pain and tears are expected as new life blooms..'every person is born capable of both good and evil and its totally a decision of the being as to what is set free...every being has the power to rise like the phoenix from the ashes of whatever his life takes him through