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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Looking in the eyes of storm.

Looking into Eyes of Storm. 
Its been a silent day so far , may be because I am looking in the eyes of storm , storm which seems so silent at the epicenter. its like an lion if one look in its eyes , he posses such an aplomb aura , you can actually smell the sweat from your neck dripping down the neck , the zephyr forms a cool effect because u never know whether the next second you will be breathing air or would be part of belly soup for the king of jungle.

Its an old epitome that one must be like deep river rather than a shallow one because one cannot predict the power even when it is so silent . all we see mystic silence. depicting a scintillating sequence from movie 300, where 300 men , waits for an  horrendously  apocalyptic army at the cliff of Sparta, left even the army of whole world in jitters, that was a war exemplar but history speaks even Laconic use of words is a commensurate way to kill even the mightiest of leaders by vituperating their beliefs.

A soldier may be in acute anguish and his heart may be filled with appalled feelings but he remains calm till the last nerve to serve for his country and remain impervious for lost battlefield, he fights and dies like a brave man. As I always say there are inundate examples of such wise men, and storms. some of them we look upon others we overlook.But have a look and who knows you may generate zeal to fight your own storm for mere survival. I am still trying to find my way, but i am trying.

Look into eyes of your deadliest , voracious dreams and fight them , give it a try ..... if you look and focus at the turbulence of the storm within no time you would be devastated like an husk straw. Look into eyes.. May be its not easy to do... but i feel it will definitely help you fight it. 

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  1. all the beings that walk the earth are born with a strong sense of survival; but on being confronted with the storm and cornered with the back to the wall ..most people fight back but some come out recount their tales.only when the waters of the soul has stillness and depth can reflections show.troubled waters keep hitting the shore, make a lot of noise but but can hold nothing