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Saturday, October 16, 2010



Please find below, my first work on "55Fiction", I tried making them as interesting and surprising as possible, yet I left few in their typical endless ending forms so that they grow upon you and each one has a different ending for wide sect of people reading them.

P.S: 55 Fiction are collection of micro stories of exactly 55 words.
Hey !!! I just realized the acknowledgement was 55 words exact..woohoo J

He Sensed It:
 Immaculate face, seductive aura, shimmering diamonds in moonlight, swaying hair; she gave jitters to S.D; A few centimeters apart from him, they exchanged a few breaths. He sensed “confluence of bodily fluids”. They saw god’s eternal magnificence, closed their eyes for the last time. “Blood washed NH, Couple dead; accident on NH 65” – News Daily.

Confession of Dead:
 Howling cry of family and foes, He was a ruthless Mafia, they said. He Died in a downtown gang war. In the corner of the condolence room sat a beggar shivering with a will in hand. “I declare Sam as owner of my wealth; I seek confession, on this road to perdition”. I am sorry!

Caution Money:
 Girl’s stats and beauty ratios were his grad majors. Goddess of Love climbed stairs as a zephyr of change. Lecture bell distracted him; “can I marry you!” - She said, gave a flying kiss!. 6 broken ribs, bruised face – caution fee for matchless PhD, lost thrown (railing) from which he fell out of distraction.

Manifesting thoughts:

Listening radio, on her massaging chair she sipped her wine. Intimating features and high spirits made her an object of million's desires from evil to saints. At mid night stroke, a glass broke. “Vampire nights on A.I.R was name of the show". “Broken wine bottle aside, Lady in red found dead, teeth marks on neck!

And the result is :
Inundate sleepless nights, haunting dreams of daemon named : Result. He killed me each time with one sin or other (agony or greed). Yesterday night it was what I don’t know, the result were just announced on net, As I clicked Enter. My mom woke me up to tell , your results are out , you have ......

P.S.S:- Please let me know your comments n suggestions 


  1. Hey, Saki nice work yaar......all ur stories were good but i liked >> And the result is : & >> Manifesting thoughts: keep up the same work nd hope u will post sum more interesting piece of ur creative writing !!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Neels for mast comment , and also for landing in here . Will surely keep up the work. manifesting thoughts was one of my fav too, I liked caution money alsoo....:)

  3. Finally, here I'm! Better late than never?? Looks like you're on a roll! So many 55'ers all together? Good! My personal favorite, Caution Money :) Keep at it! Going good :)

  4. wooo hooo.... :) thanks , yeaa new interest i hope i make quite a few more. even i liked caution money and manifesting thoughts .