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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Falling trapped to two, four letter words…

When I quote the above line, I think most of you have predicted what words I am talking about? Yes these are the words which have been there ever since the west was west and east was trying to be west. From Gods to Holistic Gurus to Spiritual Tycoons these words were bread and butter for them, be it titling them under root for all human feelings or trying to explain the meaning of eternal sacrifice to attain Moksha to the mortal warrior or crippling millions in world with their hypnotic effect. Although I am not sure because the one who preached it was approx. banned in West in year I was born. I happen to see the videos although and most of you must have seen it or have heard about it.

I don’t understand whether it’s a planned conspiracy from west that 3 decades ago they were paralyzed with it , now the same is happening to US (wana be U.S.). The infusion of these words in our daily dictionaries have had worse effect on us , we use them , show our emotions and just like an automatic toilet cleaning machine the emotion stops in a while and we move on. How simple three step process it is isn’t ? Indeed it is. Another example I would quote to embrace the warmth behind the second four letter word is : We fall for it so often ( such as – hey hip hop is so cool ( I bet many of us can’t even get the lyrics ) ) , just because your neighbor happens to lost his bolts , you passionately loose yours ,feeling a bliss of enlightenment within. There are enormous examples for this four letter word which happen to have a positive vibe within although and is considered safe to use in public compared to its counterpart, which happen to be a phenomenon likely to occur after the previous word was spoken. 

Keeping the tingling feather apart and moving on to the serious note , The problem lies in the commitment , the value for emotions and the realization of importance of time ( willful action ). We don't give a darn why we spoke these words with respect to the consequence which they must be properly used for , its a more casual scenario and both these Heavenly words have lost its glory and soul. We get emotional but we don't act righteously  most times, when we act - we don't stay committed to it. Whom should we blame for it , the judgmental media - who is becoming the new supreme court , typically corrupting the freckle light brains of our country making them more n more futile ; The wana be approach ; or the "MOVE ON" insulin which we are daily injecting in our veins to get relief from pain levels from 11 different dimensions n spheres which can be explained in different lecture in School of thoughts ...... 
I think self should be blamed and correcting self is only way out.

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