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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

K!d: An Or!g!nal Bluepr!nt….

All u elders’ just sit and relax
Don’t take tension as u won’t pay any tax.           
Jus telling u story of kid’s mind sprint
No copies required as it’s the original blueprint.

                        Childs so young like seedling in sand
                        They dream so high and think so grand.
                        The purest of souls on the planet earth
                        Nobody can estimate how much is there worth.

It’s a lot to learn from these little saints.
Spend your time and their theories will wash all pain.
As we grow, we forget, lessons of morals & values we read
Money has now become our jam and bread.
Responsibilities are important but don’t become half dead.

                        They give there full even in the smallest works.
                        Weather its just sand castles or mud wars.
                        They have spirit of wining the game.
                        To try harder every time even when the efforts go vain.

There giggling faces and naughty drama.
To make things right they follow the karma.
Their magnetic charisma and positive vibes
Just relaxes the aura and makes u smile.
Keeps you going mile after mile.

                         Their fantasy world may seem so implicit
                        Super heroes and magic, doing the trick
                        But give a thought to this little dream
                        Keep your calm and jus don’t scream
                        Gravity from Apple was also a dream.

There emotions so intense and intellectual
You need a few, even when the worlds grow more practical
Simple thoughts and curious eyes
They ride on clouds as their kites fly
To know everything is what they want
Learn so fast and lead from front.

                        So much they want to do, they always say
                        Pilots & doctors, they all are in play.
                        They have this vision of ancient mariner
                        Sailing on dream n cruising Bon-voyage.
                        These little captains can challenge any age.

These free will souls are so very smart
Voyagers of tomorrow, they jus keep the tension apart
Jus give time and wings to fly.
These blueprints are awesome, just give a try
Faith and trust is all what they want
Love for them is just what count.
These lill champs will paint the world
With rainbow colours and make u proud.

                                                                        A Kid at heart: SD

P.S Wrote this one when I was in class 12th. :) 


  1. Good thought, especially when you were so naive in class 12th. Really commendable.

  2. thanks i just found it in my first email in yahoo :) :) ..was so happy.

  3. thanks GeetS :) . how about the new look of page ?

  4. Well said rikku...very true ...u never gave me before to read ...keep it up.