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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Perhaps! I say I am a Bad Writer

I am A bad Writer !

Self Praise kept me going so far 
I don't think, I ever raised the bar
Failed in all the attempts I made 
In all those clumsy, lousy words I said.
 Replications of a merely lost and confused brain
I interpreted everything wrong, be it love or rain. 
To be Just another blogger, was my fault 
Dream To be the ace, I could never open that vault.
Writing so far was nothing but a blunder 
Perhaps, I say I am a bad writer. 

My success stories were short and ethereal 
I wonder now, they were dream or for real
I wrote for my girlfriend and spilled my heart
She left me mid way and punctured it by dart.
I wrote another poem, to show my agony 
People said, I am an overdose and too phony.
Life kept me going, so did my female attractions
First in the row was a beauty queen
I wrote a love story, thinking it was never heard or seen
Frankly it was same old story on the screen.
I lost her too on the road to heaven,
I pitched another vodka shot, and lay raven 
A guy and a gal, can never be friends 
Over the years, all I can say this is the trend. 
Perhaps, to drive love, I am a hasty biker 
Or shall I say I am a bad writer. 

Leave the girls; I was never good with them
I tried my luck on other branches on the stem
Then came a phase, I splattered my words in all possible directions
Making a mockery of literature, I think I finally got some perfection
My array of work ranged from politics to sex
I formed my stories, like candles out of wax. 
A few of them went quite a mile 
I am glad they brought a few to smile.
My writings are driven by happenings around me
Intend to judge things different amidst what I see.
Soon to realize, it’s the most common psyche
Perhaps, to rule the sky was just a dream, 
Alas! I was called just another cynical flyer
Or shall I say I am a bad writer.

And now is the time, when the love is gone 
Gone with the wind, and I sung my fav song 
I lie in my bed, with a bottle of wine
With guilt of a writer who could never shine
They say to me, u tried too hard, with limited social art
My writings are the ones which never quit me 
Or perhaps time has come quit as a brave fighter 
Unlikely to quit ,Perhaps I say I am a bad writer.......

I Say I am a Bad Writer : S.D


  1. Perhaps I say I am a bad writer. but I think you are awesome writer nice post:D

  2. Well G , you have been one of my fav critics :). but truth is the point i am in after almost 2 year of social writing (blog) i can conclude I am a bad writer ;).

  3. That's nt a bad writing Dabi..its awsum..u have put ur heart in it..wen wrds are straight from tht fleshy lump...they are awesum!!..... :)

  4. Niki no wonder i was asking you to read this one :) thanks ... but perhaps .....

  5. hmmmm wrote really very well....things lyk writing can never be judged by own so u shd change ur title n call it perhaps i am a gud writer..... :) :) :)

  6. well , A man who judge himself always should find some mistakes :) otherwise scope of perfection ends

  7. Buddy, you ain't a bad writer at all... You should not be saying no to any new ideas or proposals until u're absolutely certain they will fail.

    What the Heck, even if they fail; some failures are educational! :)

    And trust me; two surest stepping stones to success are "Discouragement" and "Failure"...

  8. And I hereby say, You are not a bad writer :)
    This post was good, like really good :)

  9. @serendipity , for offcourse it would be a fortunate accident u landing here . glad u liked it . u can join the fb page to get regular updates :-) . thanks