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Friday, September 10, 2010

Waiting For Dawn……

 Waiting For Dawn……

The little flower in turquoise blue
Wakes up fresh with the morning dew
All along night he dreamt so much
Fulfill them all and sky to touch

He washes his face with cool dawn breeze
Red sun light, applied some fairness cream
Looks around to see his frens in valley
Say hi to all and gave a hug to aunt Lilly.

Ready to spread his petals across
He wanted to fly like passing albatross
Hearing a hum of the yellow queen bee
Frightened a bit he shivers when he sees.

Then came Venus, The Red butterfly
She sits on his petal delicately like Thumbelina
Sang morning rhyme to him, like Madonna.
The valley is full of lil’ beasts all around
He says to her to hide in his petals crown

The mystical aura with winter just passed
He wishes that this could ever last
At the stroke of afternoon he says to her
I would be there for u till end of this world
Listening to this, tears trickled down
Promising him to return tomorrow,
She flies away with heavy heart and deep sorrow

As the evening comes, he knows the truth
The gardener will pick him like he always does
He don’t want to be gifted to a Juliet,
Neither has he wanted to be minced to paste
Nor he wanted to be placed in temple
All he wants is one full day, of this mortal life.
He wants to see the moonlit night and
Cassiopeia’s Cloak and the Orion’s Bow
Wishing it to the leprechaun of meadows
Hoping to meet her again, he closes his petals
If he is lucky he’ll see the next dawn light………………………………

                            The Turquoise Flower: S.D

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