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Monday, September 6, 2010

The never spoken LOVE Triangle

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Imagine how will your brain tingle to your commands after an all night buffet of Gossips pot pouri, Spicy “Bakar” curry and bitching salads. It will surely be in a state of abeyance and abjure your commands and orders and ignore them bluntly. Confused? don’t be because this the just a upper makeup of the most romantic, spicy, aromatic, strong yet sensitive love triangle story you would have ever imagined with your grey matter .
Saturday, 20th September, almost ¾ asleep I went to the near by, breakfast junction to have my morning brunch and wake my nutshell by having some Poha, chai and Jalebi, that’s an authentic Indian breakfast. I was so drowsy within my lost world of last night’s talk and movie that I assumed as if I am in a movie called “ Nashta bhi kahe Kuch Kuch hota hai” by “Chai Wala Productions” directed by Nimbupani brothers, and Music by our own Nashta Oscar winner K.B P .( P.S- KBP stands for Kanda (onion) bhajji Pakodewala) .
Let me introduce to our cast – Poha, and ever sensitive, soft spoken , an aam Nashta , yet different from heart. , everyday morning when he takes bath in fresh tap waterfall and get dressed in typical yellow turmeric attire , with grace of little golden onion flakes and peas giving him a natural Indian guy look, I’ll rather refer him as Dude from the small town. With his soothing fragrance of coriander and sauf, he definitely is capable of raising a few looks from the near by ladies.
Our hero works in a shop, where everyday he tries to impress his true love ( He is the role model of single sided lovers association ) Miss Jalebi ……. (Flash Back)
(Flash back – continues) Miss Jalebi , as the name suggest is our very own confused , unpredictable, enigmatic, sweet , candid , amiable , eloquent ladki , for that matter she is a hybrid masterpiece of the unforgettable bollywood & Hollywood beauties such as Madhubala, Waheda rehman, Neetu Singh, drew Barrymore, Asha Parik and Madhuri dixit. A serene beauty , with a mystical , spell casting aura of cardamom and Kesar. She is still not sure whether she loves our hero or not , thus always ending up in fighting with him an then repenting for it. How typical of a Indian Gal that is … isn’t ! ! J
(Present) …. So every day morning , our hero , try to impress her with his soft hearted talks, elegant ways of chivalry , and she reciprocate with the same delicacy , they look so happy together , and even our Nashta wala is happy serving them together in a special package called “ Poha –Jalebi” special. A happy couple after all isn’t……
But u know, how can the love story be so smooth, if it’s a smooth one than its definitely a infatuation , In our present scenario also , Don’t you think something , a special character is missing here . You are right... Our third angle of love triangle is Miss Chai , the Sexy, strong, sizzling, an aplomb, confident, and successful hottie, a true cocktail of Jeenat, shabana , Deepika , Julia Roberts , Scarlet Johnson and Penelope. She is the dazzling lady of new age world , yet she posses a deep attraction towards our very own seedha munda of town , Mr. Poha . She almost every morning spell bounds him with her erotic attire , in the crystal cup, her masala fragrance , and fuming looks can blew up any nutties mind’s senses off, poor Poha ram is just a guy from small town was an easy bait for her. Nashta wala’s another special package was suitable called “ Chai-Poha Masale maar ke” .
Each day , the Poha ram falls in a fits , whether to go with the chai or our own sweetie pie Jalebi , both ladies distinctly different from one another yet posses strong sense of attraction or may be love for him. But each day for him is like a new reincarnation and a new birth where sometimes he is coupled with Jalebi and other times with chai, but each time he is clubbed with one , somewhere down the heart he feel misery of the other’s detachment & he is never able to figure out who is his true love , because till the time he decides to reach a conclusion he is either already dead in the sink or ends with morning bowel soup in stomach.
I am sure one day he finally comes out of his confusion or may be in Nashta Life there is an option of polygamy , where he can have multiple loves together considering the condition both of them are ready to share him , what a night mare it could turnout to be , If it didn’t workout. And we find our Poha ram been burnt by chai’s heat and taking last breaths when sunken in jalebi’s sugar syrup out of gluttony of possessiveness.
Every day morning from 7 to 12 afternoon , the stage is perfectly set for the masala bollywood movie with people hopping in, buying there favorite combos, Suddenly my brain hits a reminder signal with the shop keeper bursting my ear apart shouting for his money. As I woke up from an early morning dream movie, I gave him his share and I took my favorite combo… HMmm guess what I might have taken , It would be easy for those few who know me inside out ( Kaminey types J) …. It is …. No No No J
Keep guessing my frens, till my next sequel of the movie called “Poha bhi Kahe Dil toh pagal hai”
A True lover of Indian breakfast


  1. Hi,

    Your imagination is one of its kind! To make a mundane breakfast affair into a funny story needs loads of imagination and you don't lack it at all! Had a good laugh! :D

  2. imagination of a sleepless, gossip filled mind is bound to spill over the nutty nuts experience out :) thanks , i m glad it made u laugh , thats wat i wanted ... those who read laugh aloud.

  3. Whoa! Never read such a love story.

    You yarned a tale out of breakfast,
    Not following any rule, steadfast.

  4. thanks sayak for landing here :) , yea i like making twisted tales out of mundane topics , which are often left coz they are bland, un explored to maximum.
    Cheers !!!

  5. Hey saket, its just amazing. Where were you? I am sure too much Bollywood is behind this idea but this creative piece is beyond that. Your words are awesome, so is your creativity. Maan gaye bro! Superb Piece. I wish someone creates a short movie out of it. It would be awesome.

  6. @ Pavi : bro I was here only , roaming around the words :) ... yea nice idea of movie lets make a short piece together , lets start searching the CAST :)