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Saturday, September 4, 2010


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 Silent, Saga...

My Conscience says, I am growing
Coming up to the silent patch while rowing
Silence is deep like ocean’s trench
Enchanting wisdom from ancient sage
The journey was rough but worth the peace I reached.

From the road of broken dreams
Entangled in troubled mind it seems
Darkness creeps in, and shadows grew
Its was a long battle I fought and only few knew.

I saw it all, bleed and tasted dust,
Dust of sorrows and tears of horror
Spell bounded by the vicious spell
Spell of confusion, frustration, self regret
The crown fell as my sword caught rust.
I found something scribbled on the rock…

Once a Sage told me:
Be Achilles: Don't fight for victory,
As victories are for kings, fight for glory,
Fight for Immortal zenith of fearlessness and pride...
For this u will be remembered in history,
Even when the kings are burnt, buried and forgotten."

From the cliff of mount doom
I thought my life, was rather doomed
I stood there, pleading to almighty for courage and Might
I saw the wisdom star, from grey clouds
The blade of my sword needs to be forged again
From the shards of lost thrown, the king shall rise again

My conscience knows, it took ages for me to stood tall
Tall at pinnacle of glory where there was no fall
I hardened and learned my lessons,
Looking back I smile at the road I took
Dark and gloomy, this was seldom looked.
Life wouldn’t have become sober, silent and deep,
Unless I was torn, buried and burnt and reformed from ashes. 

Phoenix Reborn: Saket Dabi

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  1. Wow this is so sweet poem...

    All the best for BAT..

    Someone Is Special

  2. "victories are for kings, fight for glory" - nice words. The poem does bring to mind the rebirth of a phoenix form the ashes. All the best!

  3. Yes, fight for glory and not for victory meant for kings!

    A very beautiful poem this is! Loved it!

    Good luck!

  4. @someoneisspecial,Amity and Dreamer : Well thats my quote of life , thanks for appreciating and for BAT. I believe it will make a mark to all of us who read it .

  5. Rise from the phoenix!-excellent!It is rhythmic and gives us a message too.
    All the Best!

  6. awesome... its too gud dude..u r sure shot a genius who can describe his journey nd learnings of life so beautifully.. m a fan of ur writing.. sure shot u r a winner. all d best sweets!!!

  7. thanks pal for a g8 appreciation , and wishes , i need them as always :)

  8. liked d way u make words flow... :)

    i blog at

  9. Hey Saket,

    I'm here! Finally! Phew!

    You are good with words I must admit. The poem reflects the inner churning that often accompanies the introspection phase and the outcome thereafter. There is something very peculiar about 'silence'. Best of the bests often occur during what we refer to as 'solitude'.

    Justice done to the topic 'return'. What better than a Phoenix to convey that! :)

    Good stuff! All the best with BAT!

  10. That poem makes a wonderful read.A Phoenix is an apt symbol of return indeed.All the best for BAT! :)

  11. @ Raksha : Well m glad you are here :) finally. Thanks for wishes, I need them coz it my first entry to any sort of blog competitions . And Phoenix I m strongly connected to this word.

    @ Rinaya : Thanks buddy , indeed phoenix is something we all should learn from.
    thanks for BAT.

  12. strong words. I especially liked "Fight for Immortal zenith of fearlessness and pride..."
    I'm a believer in fighting for oneself and writing our own story. Very interesting take on the topic.

  13. thanks Sidra , indeed glory is everything.

  14. Liked your post and even though some thoughts are in conflict with the others,i think it is perhaps this chaos that defines true introspection,self-realization,intervention and finally success.
    Nice flow u created to build up to the reborn phoenix !

  15. chaos was intentional :) thankss brijender for appreciation.

  16. Hey Saket. I liked the poem.

    My fav was the part on Archilles. Learning something from you today - kings are forgotten... fight for glory...

    Thanks. What does Saket mean? Are you from Delhi - there's a very famous area in Delhi called Saket.

    Good luck for the BAT.

  17. Thanks Kshitij for liking the poem!!
    Achilles is my fav character for my works.
    for kings , if you look in any mythology there are more kings than legends except for those who are both.

    Saket mean "lord Ram's place" No am not from delhi , but yea i have been to delhi a lot , and specially to PVR saket.
    Thanks for BAT and same to u.

  18. Well, Saket. Thw words are all nice and it conjures beautiful imagery. I love such poems and there are nice messages here and there. But I was unable to see a consistent thread across the poem. If there is one maybe you should add an explanation as to what is the background? I had written a poem called 'The Fool'. No one appreciated it when I posted on Blog-a-ton - just those stony 'Nice one' comments. Then when I posted on another forum, the editor suggested to add an explanatory note on what I wanted to convey. After I added that it received so much acclaim. Maybe you should try the same.

  19. Lovely expression.
    Fight for glory... that's reverberating in my mind! :)
    All the best for BAT.
    Cheers :)

  20. @ fool : thanks for a very critical suggestion will take care of it in future . But this one doesnt require much plot description its a simple one , a person journey to victory after hardwork.
    @shilpa thanks