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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Forte Of Omens

 Forte Of Omens 
Turning pages of the novel I always wanted to read I was thinking I didn't saw an omen to start it earlier , Its a famous one; a world wide bestseller, is filled with clues and instances to make you believe that something like "omens" do exist . They may be hope of a pitiful heart or a curse of a young soul or nothing for those who think their actions are the best "omens" to guide their future.We all think the same as the last genre, but fall trap to it so often that we swing between the pseudo stages and surely get affected with them , even the brave of the brave , mighty of the mightiest shields bearers had and will be always affected by the magic of "omens" .

"Omen" --An omen (also called portent or presage) is a phenomenon that is believed to foretell the future, often signifying the advent of change. Its a force , a motivation , a curse , a idea , a hope , a start and all those adverbs of the literature which governs the verb , i.e our action and thus affect the adjective of the same , that's the nature/quality of our work.  
for e.g -- you see a bird and spell bounded by its beauty , its a good omen.

But what happen when you are totally lost in interpreting them , then to act upon, even if you don't understand or notice them . This is what happened with me , I had this novel always, but never read it because I never thought it would be an interesting one , thus would have missed it almost until now. Omens are not in our control they are like time windows from " kate n leopold,time machine - movies" the time,location and occurrence can be only predicted as a possible outcome not a surety, can occur any where , only thing we know to do is to make choice and act upon it , results will anyway prove it whether or not, they were for you or not .

Omens are not geographically bounded , they occur equally in west and east , but I think we see , search or find one; often then our eastern counterparts , they are busy chasing there verbs and are governed with outcomes of type of adjectives . Who has succeeded more , well to judge it there are more factors to be looked into , and i dont want to go into those. I know one thing we are masters of a language which require not no knowledge of languages practiced,written or spoken , Its a language of faith , trust and believe we rely mostly on . Even in hot soup of problems we rely on it , because we so often have prooved that we just make it the 11th minute and surprise all. 

This "Omen" or force is called the "The great Indian Jugaad (Ready last minute fix ) " We inherit it , atleast the new India realized the beauty of it from past two decades if not before , We believe in it so religiously that we have now relied upon it completely(at least for one instance) , and I believe that we will not fail this time ( MEGA GAME EVENT , Common wealth 2010)  and prove this omen yet another time as a success of the wild wild west, the land of serpents and snake charmers , because when we truly chase something whole universe manifest it for us.

The list of few of the most common omens we know ( at least WEST knows:) )
1) लड़की पलटी  तोह फस्सी , पलट पलट ......... :) .. if girls turns its a good sign for love
२) यार बिल्ली ने रास्ता काट दिया .... cat cuts(passes) by the road .. poor cat must be thinking the same.
३) जाते समय टोकना मना है. why did you stopped me while going.... if someone who care for u reminds you of something... u should be thankful than sorry :)
४) दिन में एक बार सरस्वती जी हमारी बात सच करती है ..... goddess saraswati , we make one wish per day come true so say good always , atleast that makes you a little wise , but greedy :)
५) शगुन अच्हा होना चाहिए , गरीबो को दान दो . donate , its a good omen , help more to needy , and become more needy :)
६) छीकना मत , काम ख़राब हो जायेगा . dont sneeze work will get spoil , poor work will defnitly spoil if you have a cold :) 
7) एक्लिप्स मत देखना , बुरा शगुन होता है , don't watch eclipse its evil fate for you.
and many many more , including the jugaads ( positive) omens. :)

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  1. so meaningful!! thought provoking!!!thnks for making me remember alchemist!! i'll read it again...

  2. thanks punts , indeed its a good novel . I guess i was the last one to read it so late ...lolz