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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Soul of A City

 Soul of A City 

Six days in one of my favorite places in India , Mumbai , although the visit had nothing great in for me this time apart from new dreams and this blog post. It certainly had a soul of itself as felt by several others who opt to describe the very existence of soul of city. I like the Bombay more than the Mumbai, reasons no particular ,but for those who have lived here, visited this place a few times this feeling would seep in automatically,  and one will automatically refer to it as Bombay than the other name( draped with racism). Frankly this is the very soul of this city, it has a mighty heart for all living beings although if you cant match in the schedule calendar of this city with yours you will soon fall aside the Queue and would be left alone, paralyzed by the feeling of limbo of being never able to make it .

Its a city for those who love to chase and chase hard, chase can be anything from local to best bus to ur endless dreams for a better tomorrow. the best way to feel the city and be the part of this magical place is to plan, schedule things in synchrony with its. If its raining , don’t rely on last minute hook up plans as u may do for other cities because if u do it in Bombay, you are surely gona miss your appointment.
 Do it like the way Romans Do , or should i say , Do it like the Mumbaikars Do, if you in the city , be on you toes , Its a simple logical way here , If you cant run for things, some one else will do and you fall apart from the place. On a brighter note the city never sleeps, offer a genuine heart, the mother of Indian cinema, the Business capital , vibrant night life,  A never ending spirit which never fades out even in the doom days of the city.

There is a lot to write on this city , but may be this is just a preview , each traffic signal, each street has its own story to tell. There are few up my sleeves too, that’s for later posts. 

Sayonara Bombay for now !!!!!!

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  1. I love Bombay!! thanks for writing it :) :)

  2. i too love bombay , but this time it was nt fair with me ... neways i think this was my last visit in near future