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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

55 Fiction P2

Red curtained Wall!!
Aesthetically unclothed, fragrance of lilies still strong, candle wax still hot; Each nerve segregated neatly ,  looked like a feast for the daemon , assorted with red, blue and gray-brown. Finesse art at display, draped with emoticon of last smile. The wall curtained with dripping blood, a gift to City: - courtesy-“Jack the Ripper”.

He just made IT!!.
Can I make IT.? Dangling between the classic dilemma of country or self, so close n yet so far; 2 to win, 1 ball left; 1 gets 100th century, 2 country win. Closed in field, here comes a swinging torpedoed Yorker, He played with eyes close….. “He managed to get; Just It.” – Daily News.

1.5 x !!
It felt like the reel rolling with 1.5X speed, 55 frames per second. Dead people walking, hunted by Lykens, King of tribe, killed by a lion, winning 55fiction award, declared Casanova, shot by 55 caliber, killed my boss; Scooped these from gray cluster. After 55 seconds, Erupted belly matter.  Hell of a rollercoaster!!! Darn!!.

U got to go, when it calls!!
Every 55 seconds, Press Enter, save world. A horn honks, counts 5, thereafter BOOM-Bang, 1000 sun descend upon us. Dead in 55sec. No human challenged him past 55 years. Crippled in hands of a “psychic noble laureate” we are. Did he just said - “Sorry! I forgot to do it, I got to pee urgently”……..

Potpourri Galore!
“Just like heaven, behind enemy lines, Band of brothers, saving Private Ryan, in Schindler's list. A few good men turned Rambo. On Road to perdition, killed slumdog millionaire & GODFATHER, attaining quantum of solace, oozing momento, had Shwashank redemption, saw one flew over cuckoo’s nest, ate American Pie, met gal next door on euro trip ” –from- Princess diary.

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