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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Odes from The Dancing Monk

Odes From An Apologue:
The Dancing Monk
Saket Dhanraj Dabi

The Dancing Monk!!
“The dawn tears the cloud bladder
On orange tray, the Ash scatters.
The mystic aura, the enigmatic chants,
Feel like Heaven on this holy land.
On the banks of river lied an aged monk,
Draped in saffron cloak, long has he lost his folks.
Grey eyebrows and white bear showed age
Wrinkled face and eyes with dried tears……
Banks of Ganga is where he stays !
The Dancing Monk
With his folks long gone
He is left soul torn,
Mystery for all is what he is,
He deserves some peace and god’s eternal bliss!
The Dancing Monk
He dance for death , he dance for birth
He pays penance for self, penance for others
I can’t find one who care or bothers
When I lay him hand, and showed some care
He ran away from me in agony and fear!
The Dancing Monk
He offers his prayers,
The new born child
Yet destiny has defied, it took his only child.
He still shows his love to all human beings.
No sage can offer the same, after what he has seen.
His world tumbled like a cards castle
Left him loner like an empty vessel.
The Dancing Monk!!
He was great man in his hay days
A lot about him did the bag say.
Yet there were few pages tattered and charred
He wanted the secrets to be always behind the bars
They say he became a legend in the Wild West,
His story just ends here, or did it just start,
He left his scar on my heart, reminding me to come back for him
With this promise within, S.D left the place with a heavy heart.
The Dancing Monk : 
A agonizing story of pain , grief and penance of a professor, A story which portray a language above words , a language of emotions , of expressions , of sentiments and overall of "Dance".
A way to connect to almighty and plead for solace he deserved from 15 years.
Eclipses from his life and life of S.D, overlapping for 6 days, a transcendental journey which offered the true meaning of life , of love and of mere existence! 

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