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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crutches : Skates

           Trickling down the memory lane like the snow dripping from sealing's cane , I realized a lesson long learnt by most humans and ignored by remaining ones; that  "when heart seek crutches, our brain is already on skates" . Sounds complicated ? no wonders , most of my lectures from school of thoughts are like that. Generosity of commoners and Trivial ignorant reader's expectations are things I don't always amass upon. They make me think too bland !

Limping back to aim of the evening's propaganda, Whats makes me say " When our heart seek crutches , our brain skids on skates "; our brain precedes our heart , he reacts fast and never sink in marshy lands of emotions. He think in numbers(Binary) and deals in electromagnetic signals. Even if we leave the anatomy and physics behind ; and consider a more generic approach I am sure we have felt is so often. 

Two Classic Cases : 
1) When you spot the hot/smart/damsel/attractive girl with a sucking/dumb/undeserving ( According to you) guy - Every time your heart would seek crutches , i.e. it need support from other external sources :- 1) Male Friends( for Bitching through smoking/doping/drinking being few reasons ). 2) Female friends ( consolatory ideologues from opposite gender ) . You limp upon melodramatic cushions of these sources to support your heart. What about your brain :- Dude wake-up ! He is already making plans for assault mission, saving private Ryan.  

2) When you are with hot/attractive/damsel girl ( least likely ) , your heart would need crutches for two things a) your constantly draining pocket's weight is too much to bear  for little fist sized fella. b) constant cardiac arrest symptoms of seize resulting in collateral damage of loss of pride and girl with people like above. What about your brain : You cant stop the smart guy :) , he is planning for disaster management for the apocalypse expected to occur from both above reasons, else the best case scenario is he would be ball parking for the other girls around ! 

Long story short , Brain is always on the other side , and seldom with your heart and vice versa ; for those who want to give more credit to heart then brain . I don't mind , their are all kind of people in world. What I want to share is the revolting nature of human psyche , human nature through brain and heart . Mythology , and myriad of sages say good is followed by bad. Its because one of these two( brain and mind) are always thinking opposite to what is happening in life, thus eventually manifesting it in being's life.
Dangling between the war of brain and mind: S.D


  1. like! like! super like... love u 4 this one. u r a saviour... I can't tell u how much i needed such kind of a gyan at this phase of life... nd once again mind blowing work which is expected frm a perfectionist like u..

  2. Hey punts I hope you are all well in the life , Dont worry buddy alls alright ! Thanks for your emotional appreciation.