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Sunday, February 13, 2011

cupids are Stupid


Cupid are stupid, they seldom struck right..
Makes you fall, from steeply heights.
It makes you feel, the loosing pain,
But love for her, just always rain.

They make u laugh & make you cry,
Sporting the way, u just give a try….
You feel so glad for 1st love bite,,
Think again dear, may be a mosquito bite
Keep in mind they seldom struck right… :)

You look for her & she looks for him,
Cuts scene from Hollywood romantic film
Triangle it forms & still u say….
You feel so nice, as u see her hair sway.

You walk with her, in the moon lit night,
Thinking you’ll hold her hand someday you’ll make it right.
But then you see, the truth this way,
You are a very good friend, that’s what she says….
They seldom struck right, it’s just a trend…. ;)

You sense your senses when hangover ends
Relaxed you are when you reach the end.
But let me tell, it’s not at all bad
You expressed it all, what all u had…

You have good friends that’s all you need
Cupids are stupid they just mess the screen.
Care for you, & a healthy advice
That makes you rich with friends so wise.

Life goes on & never stops
But crushes are such they always pop
What u should see, is the friends u have
Show your trust & earn it back ….

It’s all so funny, yet so intense
But remember one thing
They are stupid, and always ping.
Seldom struck right and just don’t fight
Cherish these lines, I have said so right ….. :)

Just out of dream: S.D