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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Doctors Tale amidst war !

Two different warzones, a tale of two Doctors

How would you feel if your family members are 10000+ miles away from you - amidst a civil war (300 dead, 3000 injured) on one side and amidst highly contagious virus infected hospital 13 death so far in a town? I am sure the feeling would not be that great but still you would say them with utter belief and insurance that "everything would be alright” "Everything would be safe again”. That’s what I am doing so far from past few weeks now ,consoling, motivating and trying to inject belief in happiness.

For those who don’t know me much - the places I am talking about are Libya: the violence slugged and boiling unrest country, and Jodhpur: The sun city of India facing death carnage; each facing tragic challenges in their own circumspect. I have doctors (relatives) facing war of different variants and variance.  

The city of Jodhpur is known for its tradition, it courtesy and its pride: But I guess most of it is already lost; reasons - unlucky common men, highly inflated & judgemental media, biased thought process, illogically provoked creeds and clans, people who take death as vote bank generation gimmick, and crab mentality.

It’s being rightly said if you torture someone over the period of time, there would be no pain for him to feel.

This is what has happened in this city too : Its being targeted, and tortured indirectly too much by the highly judgmental sects specially media and certain class of hypocrites for only bringing out the wrong doing everywhere, eventually spreading negativity in every home. I lived there for last full year, and I never read a success story as a cover, it would always be a murky, banal & pompous and loud negative stuff.

If you publicise and market so much wrong, you are doing no right.

What you think is what you manifest. The veins of each diminutive person are fluxed with negativity, no wonder you will end up seeing the same world everywhere. Each action has equal and opposite reaction – simple physics.

The case of recent Deaths is another illicit exemplar portraying, how to play the buck game?
The doctors and patients both fall victim to political melodrama from past year only to repent temporarily, be it the stampede or rat bites or thalassemia massacre or the recent infected IVs: the same issues turn up. Crab mentality, money leaching politics and puppet doctors (only to receive suspension if raised voice). No places for emotions and respect. You have to either bend or get buckled! When you constantly trying to fix the system you are consistently making it more complex and untidy but someone has to make this choice of being in danger of getting his hand dirty and existence demolished and shattered; I saw it happening in my living room almost all my teenage and adult hood and I see the same perseverance and commitment in that man to make things better from years after years with odds against him, he never gives it up for wrong, He is a true karma yogi – Work is worship for him , and rest world comes second. His intrepid determination to correct the wrongs brings on a butterfly effects to everything around. It’s only because of these few good men the Socrates oath still exists. Long have we forgotten the meaning of truthfulness otherwise? Do men like him need negative publicity? Ironically they end up getting that almost all times.

On the other hand we  have this undisputed monarchy, in middle of North Africa going for a utter turmoil of twisted revolution from some group of radical people, i cannot say who is right ! But I only see a monarchy challenged by a resilient idea of democracy, a classic quintessence of politics isn’t? ; First it was time for the most vibrant civilization in the history of mankind to topple their own king and now it’s time for his neighbour to follow same lines. God save the commoners, who lamented most lifetimes over being ruled like slaves (specially the minorities). On an irony the country is a land of riches, the Man who did this did had some grit to do that, but when a cancer grows over its size it must be detached from the parental body , to let body survive.

As I say the role of common man who cuts the garden grass, work for a Government hospital, earns a respectable wage , lives a happy life – silent yet peaceful, because he avoided any resistance and accepted things and the culture. This man faced all sort of challenges to make his mark , but I hope they take this man as their own and not an outsider because he has served for the wellbeing of this countrymen all his lifetime even knowing that he don’t even belong here. He fulfilled Socrates’ Oath for doctors in a true way: serve the needy, serve the god. He has a beautiful family, has a lovely granddaughter. The ladies in such families are no short of determination either , they act as seraphs for such men constantly motivating them to stay put , stay calm and determined. Are men like him need such a civil war in the 2nd half of their lifetimes, I don’t think so. It gets me to fits when I hear him going through the city lanes in the curfew for getting his loved ones out of this boiler. It’s a daily war against time, and survival. Ironically goons are just making mockery of governance , for me killing a mob from a chopper and burning a government building to ruins in vengeance, both are same, because its provoked , thoughtful and against the common man .   

 I believe that the peace prevails; the justice may be done to both parts of the world and to my family which is at the epicentre of two different wars, but has the same goal – peace and happiness.


  1. Interestingly written. However, I felt that by comparing and relating 300+ deaths (and over 3000+ injured) to ~13 deaths. Apathy of a common man and negligence of a democratic government can't be compared to a civil war...

  2. thats a quick feedback thanks ! , the comparison was between the 1% who rule to 99% who suffer. It was tribute to the two men :) no comparison !

  3. i simply loved the way u compared both areas at two extream corners of the world...wth beautiful words ..nd i agree yr each n every word of it ...i wish in the last both won..n thr is peace n happiness all around ...i agree abt ths man who served his whole life fighting n make worst thing better ..wth lots of back biters n enemy around but still never loose hope ..our role model our hero ...big salute to him...