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Monday, August 23, 2010

what Precedes what ?

what do we feel ?
what do we act upon ?
what are our actions based on ?

Does our thoughts precedes our actions or its a phenomenon, one cannot describe - classic case -- " whats the cause of what". A random thought on this theory of "what causes what" below is a perception, which may vary to any degree of inception level , you want to pursue it or not, It is just my projections of my subconscious mind.

when we miss something , "missing" is the feeling we feel , "desperation" is the cause for it and feeling being a consequence , comes as emotional & hormonal secretions of chemicals in our brain which subdues/increase our blood pressure to cause anxiety as an action. "Desperation " is the sprint  we run on the treadmill of "change" we want. We burn out , increase metabolic rate  yet we are stationary demographically, only revolving in a straight line(when joined by two ends of phenomenon , makes a circle, a dejaavu ) , and finally when we reach the so called change ( calories used/time/distance) , we only start another trip to the next change we want. Thus the urge of never ending 'Wants' primarily held the process of catharsis of our own dreams we chase on for a better reality tomorrow , which is again a relative aspect as it lead to another genesis we chase.

On an whole a thought precedes a feeling and a idea precedes the thought . Ending up with quote from the Inception - " An idea is a resilient parasite placed in the unconscious mind of a subject , which defines or destroys him  , its like a cancer which grown upon as a thought "

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  1. hey thats a quick one :) thanks !! u can say inspired :)