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Thursday, August 19, 2010


E.n.D-- Engaging new Dreams
There it laid happily ever after ,
it just ended up in a hollow laughter.
laying all ends up bundled in sand,
Its not something ,what you deserved in end.
you were Beowulf , u were a king , 
and poets will make many ode to sing.
if not this time may be sm other ,
I hope next time u go a lil further.
may be you will have fellowship of martyrs marching with you,
till the very end where only reached, a few. 
Now you know the mistakes you made, 
its high time for your revenge and enough has been said.
its not important how hard you hit , 
but, how hard to take it when you are hit.
born again, from ashes , like the phoenix do.
for now , u lay in ashes , with a blossoming lily on your grave.
life is like that it runs for all in phases .
we can just hit back , and win this war if we are brave. 
or else time will pass and you may be remembered by just your sons and their sons,
but not as sun who never faded , even when others were burnt , buried and forgotten. 
                                                                    is it a beginning or the EnD ? S.D.

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