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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Impudent, Analogy :HEART : HOUSEFLY

Impudent Analogy  :HEART : HOUSEFLY
Imaginations of a drunken man can well reach moon and come back flying in a limousine , take a intrepid gallop on India gate and yet be a coward in reality ; well poor guys imaginative conscience may plunder him to hear the voice of the infinity ( P.S. for all couch potatoes consider this as " मैं समय हु, अर्थार्थ आकाशवाणी " )  and make him repant for drinking yet another time ,and consequently take a pledge not to repeat it again, :) as I said earliers(post) its just another confession of taking things as "first time and last time". leaveing aside our hovering doodle here; lets consider another truth ( सच और सिफ सच )--- how oftern have you thought .. that your palm sized four valved self motor driven organ switches its cross bar , yes I mean how often our heart fluctuate " for e.g. while writing this blog I was hopping between calls, sms, facebook and yet attending lecture in my school of thoughts and this time the topic is --- Our heart is a housefly. 

Just as a housefly our heart is  ever fluctuating , ever thumping ,dancing on its own beats and sending constant re-focusing neurotic signals to millions of neurons running across neck to the brain.It may be a chemical and biological phenomenon of shift of focus but I will try to pen down some of the funnier aspects of this scenario. 

Let me present a ubiquitous exemplar -- --  well poor heart he just cant sit on one XX/XY; just like flies cant sit on food for long , they are in an unending hunt to find a better source and better taste. This unending search may lead to scuba dive in a soup both for fly and heart , quite literally ,yet one cant stop the basic instinct of gods creation .
I wonder who came first the fly or the heart ? answer to this may never be found or dug from rocks or inscribed on a cave wall ; but the nature /the traits may live forever till the heart is replaced by a mechanical motor and fly to a robotic machine . for present times -- no pun intended but heart is a free flying ever poking housefly who cannot be caged with horse eye shades to look in one direction , even if done so, I think necessity is the mother of all inventions and its more a need and nature than anything else rest is quite understandable. a few scratch pad scribblings are as under to add spice --
" hey dude looks at her **** ; he soo dammms cutee; can I drop you home ; I love him soo mucchhh; yaar tota hai tota , item ekdum , he drives an audii yaar..... muaah , check it out dude , yaar hamare batch mein ek bhi achi ladki nahi hai --ki farak penda hai juniors hai na , aj yeh kal woh ...-- In short our heart fluctuate and find new target the same way we change to fresh clothes every day , and shop for new to replace old . 

Ramifications of a fluctuating heart and nature of fly can be clubbed in most scenario we land ourselves in. In this time of scarcity , grabbing / manifesting opportunities and resulting risks are progressive statistics , our heart as always encountered and surged upon , its never ending tryst of getting more is something hearts and flies had in common both of them love to live in endless saga of butterfly effect ,a metaphor that encapsulates the concept of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory  namely that small differences in the initial condition of  a dynamic system may produce large variations in the long term thus both trying hard to manifest a better something. 


  1. Change is the way of life buddy... :-P

  2. it is indeed the bottom line , provided the heart/fly keep on searching :)

  3. i liked the comparison between the heart & the housefly.. interesting.. the end cud hv been better.. n as i always say - u form too long sentences..............

  4. nidhs ..yaar i like writing complex.. actually very much inspired by Jeffery archer way of writing ... too many comma ,punctuations , need to read with utter cautiousness.