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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Doing Nothing gets us tired

Perfection on doing Nothing :)
Life is kind of round robin phenomenon , it goes in circles and each time one finishes another concentric one or out-centric one starts to unfolds but it just cant stop manifest things in front of us Even when we do nothing we are still committed to it and producing maximum we can. 
"doing Nothing ,

"Killing time" , 

"scrolling  mail box" ,

"reading junk mails " ,

" forwarding useless stuff such as sms, mms, picture messages and emails",

"Ignoring CC mails -- because they were just informatory ,we were not suppose to reply eventhough we can solve the matter", 

"engaging in endless saga of chain mails -promising reward, miracles - on forwarding it to number of people-- yet we seldom quibble about." , 

and favorite for most of us "gossip" we have a end to end empire of our gossiping industry - News are like a cigarette smoke it reach many , affect many, enjoyed by a few, cribbed by others and indirectly lambasted by numerous, all this apart from one enjoying the real fag (boy/girl) who enjoy or dislike this unwanted publicity.

And when something as us -- "whats up whats going on , how is life going " - we wind up saying :- 
" nothing much , going on , u say " and we casually forgeting rather pretending to be "vella" doing nothing. but we did so much to add to the local vanity fair around us :). 

we are always up with our devil shoes on to find new targets to cover up over emptyness :). We eggon this act of NOTHING doing endorsing it to next level each time we find new news to play with temper with manipulate with and at end of the day we say on dinner table with friends "what a hectic day it was" , when eventually the only work which we did was after 6:00 PM IST (way past morning GMT) , obviously we do need to give some answers to firangs :) , and whole day we had a chat window along side work portal, or plugged in ear phones ( talking to the guy , who sits diagonally oposite) , or playing T.T , chai break, gym break , fag breaks,coffee breaks with "close" frens -- All this to have our bite of latest news of the day if none exist trying hard to make one :) and finally we lay in bed thinking uuuuFffff, WTF so much of work.....:).


  1. haha...good one bro! The one thing I have learnt at office, Never raise your hand to do any kind of work. One goes to office "to be ready" to do some work. not to do work.
    coz more you work, the more you'll receive.

  2. to be more proactive is to be more royally fked :) do nothing to be at ease :)

  3. mast hai bhai Hail Migration :)

  4. thanks man , yes hail migration :)