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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Are We Part Of ................. ?

 We are destined !!!

Well its a question , a verse , a myth and a liven reality for millions around that Everything happen for good ? .But I am not quite acquainted with the validity of the phrase ?may be I am a pessimist and love to live I my little nest of negativity but Truth is No one has ever proved me the validity of the it. I think for all who believe that all happens for good, boost about it only when something better is formulated out of their pains ( of any dimension/aspect/sect of life). 

It may be a part of a bigger positive conspiracy by god to us , and we are suppose to behave the way we do rather we are made up like that when we were inculcated with the the feeling called "emotions" , it surpasses pragmatism in most cases. I think we need hope and motivation to carry forward and this phrase is catalyst for the it. But guess why we always expect a better end and come up smiling quoting this to all others around. hope hope hope:) . I myself is no alien to deny living it.

I guess there is good in all the wrongs happening in the world ,Rape, murder, molestations, accidents, riots, mob protests are scarcely few to name. But  can we prove them good .??? or we just believe that their(victims) name came up in Fraternity list( Quoted from Wanted -- movie , Hollywood) and thus were succumb to such catastrophically disturbing endeavors of life OR these heinous and self troublesome acts are part of nomenclature discrepancy .summing it up, they were destined to suffer but than we self contradict ourselves that all happen for good --according to which -- if someone is raped its for her betterment !!!!

I think we are all part of the bigger game , and are just mortals for some one who is playing it ; He/she is not emotional .He is a irrational player and plays indescriminately no matter if the results are forms of sufferings for us. But I guess its better to get motivated by this hope enriched phrase " whatever happen happen for a good"  and thereafter be pompus about it once the the result is postive ,because we dont have any other choice.


  1. kinda confused writing.. i really cud not relate the example of 'Rape'.. May be if that part was omitted, rest all might make sense..

  2. Well it wasn't a confused thought from me , most of the things should have been understood above words written.
    Rape- was e.g of sorrow feeling , and irony that we still end up saying all happens for good so often.
    and secondly -- all written explains , a vicious circle , entangled feeling we are made of and often succumb to.