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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stranger Talks

!!! --- 'StrAnGeR' "TaLks"

Well I think the post explicitly explaining the meaning of my blog is somewhat here , at-least for now, if not for forever, because we are always in tryst to explore truth behind the things. Fagging at a tea shop , and enjoying the shop keeper's nasty comments on pot holes in front of his shop, is the birth place of this post. How often we get into discussions , talks, tea chats , bus stand talks with people( no caste/creed/cult/status and all other divisions possible between two people) we are not sure to see again for all life ? We pose ,we pretend, we show case ourself to be at the center of the chat topic ,we crib, we boost, we gossip,we make statements we never made, we comment on it as if we have a doctorate in it. We don't realize that's the time we are so much in love with the moment, the moment where there is no breaks, we laugh, we share, we smile,we fight, we can be We or we can be president , no bars on the hat we put on; but we enjoy it to the maximum. strangers can be judgmental.. but u don't bother.. coz u r sure u r never gonna bump into them again.. so they can form their opinions about u (gud/bad/ugly), but u wud never b aware of it.. ignorance is bliss!

Explaining this love / affection with stranger souls , we certainly connect with them much better than sometimes we do with our close friends , the reason is we are at absolute free will with this stranger , which makes this relationship so special, the free will of being what u want to be , shedding of what u want , sharing what u want and still be secure that its not gona turn up against u , coz we are pretty much sure that we will not meet him/her forever , and even if we do we still can pretend to be strangers and enjoy it. 

I had quite a galore of talks with auto walas , chai  walas and a few times in train with people of varied ages -- 10s,20, 40, 60+ being few., in parties, chat rooms , shops ; in core-- public places -- these people are so generous, so open ended  , often the most unloved( compared to others in our life), unknown people can be the most generous, heart touching people around , reason can be same for them as well ,the saga of free will .They talk there heart out and pour in emotions for diversified spectrum and you can be part of it else just enjoy the lecture because I am sure one can pic a certain learning from them too. 

The most recent is a friend I made , thanks to the technology making this world a small place atleast for some matters if not geographically. It was an attempt from me to initiate a talk on my personal quest ( needed some info on smthing ) and was glad to saw the response from the person. Frank , candid, vivacious -- are few words I would use, it soon changed into a discussion , shared a few common endeavors -- blogging one of them. As I earlier said , free will is what is most important in these relationships and one should respect it. It was quite a learning , discovering discussion ,I think for both of us , although not very sure of that on other side. The talk ended on this very note to be strangers and continue this unique thing, cant call it a friendship because the counterpart will not agree to it .I  can certainly call it a "Glad Talk ",  and the talk is on hold till the next time we cross each other with some discussion to discuss upon ( thats being an agreement ). Thanks to the stranger I came across. 

These people can be like a blessing in disguise for ones lost soul, Try it out I am sure you would love it and remember them forever. A few of them which were each capable of making a post here were ---

" meeting a Guinness record holder , a cyclist on a lone station called kankanadi ,20 km from mangalore; he was in shattered phase of life ; cursing the govt for not offering him a job -- emotional discussion as how life talks a full circle" 

" meeting a auto wala from pimpri (pune) on a ride to my flat -- He shared a incident where his life was saved (unknowingly) by a pedestrian(mad) who stoped him , just 2 min before a massive accident, at university road(pune), only to find that the mad guy got under train, same day at a crossing nearby-- we often should be thankfull to strangers"

" meeting the MD of mahindra n mahindra, who missed his flight , in train-- awsm discussion on marketing with him " 

" the most recent one is in making its on as I write this "

Many many others who came across my life daily from past 25 years each making some contribution to my life ,altering its course time to time. believe it or not each person make a mark on your life.


  1. Gud.. far better than the last one.. comparison is obvious, wen both r shown on the same page. Nice examples, i must say.. cud hv sprinkled the examples here & there to keep the interest quotient high, rather than keeping all towards the end :-) (Personal opinion)

  2. thanks nids... i ll surely think on suggestions .