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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Perception is the Dye for Rose Tinted Glasses

"looking through Rose tinted glasses" is an archaic idiom used for things percieved in a positive way even when they may or may not be actually that good to be judged positve. Offlate I have learn that most of us have different shade-glasses for different situations , our pre concieved notions take most part of it when comes to judging things. short term out comes concretes the foundation of our judgments. As I always say , I have several lectures going on whenever i write my post and I try to bring out the most imp ones on post from my school of thoughts.This time it would be -- how most of the youngsters the uber cool generation gets misled by aggressive advertisements and general life perceptions to start with former be it the fair n lovely Men cream ( SRK -- y use girl fairness cream ), generating an urge in men( still less exploited in cosmetics ) that  "FAIR is FAIR " to IPill promoting unprotected sex indirectly by displaying a mid aged young couple living in close family , giving a message that if generation just elder use it safely all can use because you get a safety cocoon feeling by seeing the advertisement thus preferring ill fated enjoyment over precaution. 
One cannot directly blame the adv agencies for this , as they are lobbying only that information which ignite a thought in our brain and our notion for analyzing it doing rest. most studies on human psychology have proved that advertisement are intentionally short of information because most customers poorly have their rose tinted glasses on, thus resulting in a magical effect be it on "FREE is good" or " New packing means better product" scenarios.

Coming to the general thinking when it comes to Rose tinted glasses , what we conceive good  is what we expect out of it , and turns out to be same or better. Polarization effect is also something very common in general people i.e. your perception is others perception and vice-versa . In physics we see it with iron pins kept in close proximity with magnet thus having a magnetic effect themselves , similarly when people kept in contact with a group of his/her general perception of common perception will always have a polarized outlook towards matters even when they are not directly what they actually believe in or inherit.
Therefore those who are in advertising industry or endeavors related to human psychology make a fortune out of this theory as perception is dye of your tinted glasses.


  1. Mind blowing, fabulous... Dude..!! I wish I had the imagining ability and creativity like ya.... U can write on the any abstract topic in the world.... i envy :p

  2. @ anonymous: Buddy thanks for ur comments , Pavan is surely an immensely talent guy n a dear fren . thanks to him for marketing and managing my blog :) well ALL the post are written by me . So thanks for appreciating :) do keep checking for new posts