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Monday, July 5, 2010


P.S--  Inspired by Robert Frost :). This one was for a Kid , an instant work.

Let him Roar forever!!!

Stocks of leather jackets n coats are all sold,
Hey all you people young and old,
Don’t you think its time to get bold?
When you have your own natural leather skin coat,
Why kill tigers for it and Sport.

Less than 1400 left and still you boast,
Where’s all self pride and emotions lost.
Look into their eyes – speechless and mute,
And you laugh when you wear that suit.
He is butchered everyday,
Paws for decoration, bones for medicine, skin for jackets
That what traders say loud.

Lend your voice, make some noise.
Wake up and fight for this cause
Not to regret later for this humongous loss.
If not now then when,
Do you want India to get it national animal from others on Rent.

He can’t cry for help, but you can see it in his eyes
He too has kids and, family like yours.
He too has blood Red as yours.
Then why discriminate and take life,
But he can’t explain and simply dies.
Come let’s join hands in this drive,
But with zero corruption n zero bribe.

I have started now its time for you
Don’t worry there is no queue.
But just 1400 are too few.
Let’s fight for them together
Save our national animal and
Let him Roar forever and ever and ever.

                                                               Up for a Roar! – S.D.


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  2. toooooooooooooo good mama
    KEEP IT UP :)

  3. thanks dear :) for appreciation .

  4. Uncle Ucnle aap Poem kab se likhne lage... achi hai

  5. @ hansraj janab apne blog pehli baar dekha hai . There are all sort of things here buddy :) LATEST would be Short story so keep watching

  6. yaar kaha chupa chupa ke rakha hain itna sara talent... well written

  7. thanks puneet , buddy there is a lot to endorse provided its being marketed properly :(