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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lets Redefine the phrase – “TRUE NATURE a.k.a Originality”!!

Lets Redefine the phrase – “TRUE NATURE a.k.a Originality”!! 

“A tiger chewing grass and a cow munching meat steak” I must be joking according to most of you . Nature n character is something innate within “one” can never amend; when I say “one” it meant Animals minus humans. Because the most evolved animal has a lucid spectrum of manifold characters he himself is defining every second that passes away, Inception of a new wave of thought, energy & inculcating a up-to-the-minute character as he breaths away air.  “Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking” Quoted well in P.S. I Love you, it’s not when we are publically showering away grandiloquent acts . You can barely see animals altering their behavior, but one can often see it happening with us. I believe the mere definition of original need to be changed if we want to describe humans behavioral changes, because what presumed by a person may not be the original he and vice-versa.

The poor bait who is sabotaged by the altering behavior of his own breed is victimized daily, only to turn himself into one of them and practicing it to others. Friends to enemies, enemies to friends, lovers to haters’ n vice versa, what’s important is “I” and its happiness not “We” and its placidity. Ego games prevail in every sect of our life from the 1 million sperms racing through the lil beaver’s tunnel to line for heaven (as described by myths).

We are capable of giving Chameleon a shy when we change characters more than it changing colors. What we bring out in public is a chain reaction of neurological action we have learnt to imbibe within ourselves, and often called it animal instinct but we surely need to rename it because of the erratic nature and frequently changing patterns.

P.F.B an epitome of something I happened to be a live spectator :-
An acquaintance of mine (lets say ‘X’).. A person liked by all... considered cute/nice/helpful/understanding/candid/lovable... blah blah… [please Consider all nice words in the dictionary.. wink*].. However, when it came to personal relationships, ‘X’ become extremely erratic/impulsive/short tempered/obsessive/adamant[think all the self centered words]  when the other half of the relationship( the person ) didn’t work according to X’s RULEBOOK or intuitively gave attention to other competitors or didn’t agree in some argument (in short did anything that was disapproved by ‘X’). A sweet docile X turned into a hard-hearted devil [literally], threw tantrums[sometimes threw many thing other than words], to the point of being violent/ threatening suicide. PDA (Public display of affection) turned into PDVET (Public Display of Violent Emotions & Threat). Things didn’t end here. Events repeated even after a apology. A few days of truce & the true nature prevailed again ( god knows what “nature” here). Initially it came as a shock to me to see X’s outburst. Later on, it became a everyday thing. ;-)

To conclude:
Have we not heard the cases of best friend stealing other’s partner/Back-stabbing a childhood friend for a person who has just entered the life? Does entering/leaving of a new person alter the true nature or does it just bring out the dark side kept hidden till now? How many times do we really delve into ourselves & try to face our darkness & know OUR true nature?

A more classic global example I can quote is the present bi lateral talks between the two nations, portrayed as a success till the annex of press conference, what came next the heavy weight word games between two of them, most of us know – the gist is, mere manipulation of words can portray the twin faces and in the end all ends with again an encouraging remark –“Only a positive dialogue can be a solution”. The victims here are clan of both side and the twin faced evangelists are handful of big men.

Self explanatory as well as self lived --  the “true/truth/original” words have lost the relevance , I have started believing in theory of matrix which say all what shine is not gold , all what’s green is not grass implacably All what one presents may not be what one perceive or truly is within.

P.S . – The post was a product of dialogue between Fox and me (Azgar a.k.a "KAA") ( python).


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