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Friday, July 9, 2010

Which flag to be picked ? a prophecy or chance .

Which Flag to be picked ?
"Dawn shall tear apart  the bladder of sorrows n miseries of the world, you are the chosen one, future lies in what you choose to be If you take this red pill you will go back to where it all began and live a life of a slave bounded by some mathematically governed program made of binary digits and dies as a good men who live his life in dream .... but if you take this blue pill you will have to prove yourself , stay here , in this real world, fight, bleed, and die like a real men"  roughly quoted --- the words of oracle and Morpheus from matrix, both of them saw the future for NEO. Imagination it is but in due course of reality we, the mighty lords of world are governed by forces beyond all powers. Call it Prophecy , astrology or words of Oracle, time and again, they make their presence felt. This time its a 8 legged devil hardly a few inches big, speechless, aquatic who predict the future of 11 living effigies on ground, programmed to do what they are supposed to, by the software called 'fatum' by Greeks and Destiny by us. The beauty of the prophecy is like all of them its been announced to world well before inundate hours of the match.

Paul as he is called is an octopus from Germany as we all know , 100% accuracy rate so far can it be a mere chance ?? I cant say on it because verification is only secured when things became truths n  correct outcomes are seen repeatedly and in this case more a few matches. But I also give the credit for fame of this lil prophet to the world of media , he may get attracted to certain color or pattern and try to fetch it , which may be a scientific research yet to be carried out which is being portrayed as a magical behavior of a  caged animal and out come of the games doing rest to add to his fame , glory and persona to be a living god.

We fall for them so often because of trust we show in these living gods , be it the parakeet pulling up the orange land winning the world cup ( who know poor guy actually was attracted by the fragrance n particles of chili on the card ( Holland flag) and our Paul getting infatuated over different color n marking patterns . Trust n chance plays the bigger god then these creatures but obviously they( truth n chance) cannot take a visible form.

I hope our living oracles live their life in a glorified way rather than swimming half dead in soup as they like it in Taiwan, and we the victimized souls rest in peace and didn't get much affected psychologically to hinder our performance on the D day , as poor Germans who were unbeaten titans ended up like disgruntled cliche in a massacre of poor form, partially because of some prophecy or an incidence to gain publicity by some goons and over hyped by the media baboons. All the best to both teams for FIFA WC finale :) may the better win.

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