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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are You the Bait !!

 Are You the Bait !!

Think of a hi-tech lion and the online bait,
Its no dream, it’s going to be our fate.
Let me make this very straight
The world around me has begun a race,
Raising adrenaline, as on, purple haze.
Age old game of Cat and mice
Has yet again broken the Arctic ice,
Be it G8 nation’s swaying comments or,
Girlfriend’s hunting boys at discotheque.
The spectrum has more than 12 shades
We too have more than one face,
Draped in the cloak of Devil called Desire
Finding no end for true problem’s wire.

            A few problems can suffice this page
        Could only sight these, as am chained in the cage
        Students running for the witty CAT, to beat peers, he burns extra fuel
         Pumping in last drops of blood, it’s bait to the Cat called stress.
        “Son’s wana fit in Dad’s shoe”, was self-esteem for every dad
         But, killing him for a shoe is unlike the Legend do.
        Betrayal exist from ages here,
        Be it kings, queens or today’s Son.
        Desire rules this planet, unlike anyone.

Sleeping 2 days a week, with other men/women
Is the latest fashion or the power of Lust, breaking counterpart’s trust
We are un-deterred to face the Almighty in hell
It’s inherited now; the virus of desire has reached to the last cell.
Money, job, girlfriends, promotions are a few forms of the same
Turning each one of us into mice, running in circles in a scientist cage.
Look around you can find billions of you own multiplied beings doing the same.
The world has become a concrete jungle, with two races left
One is hunted, preyed and slaughtered by other called Cat.
Pride, glory, humbleness were old attributes, 
Nonetheless Satisfaction and self esteem are some of their forgotten aims.

            The kingdom of big Mice has come crashing down.
        In frustration, killing millions of other mice around
        Be it the great Economic slump and end of big hats
        Bursting them in desire to feast,
        Gluttony explained in bible as an ancient sin,
Being an indirect predator at dine.
Extravagant life styles or our pompous ways
Realizing it when monthly credit card bill says ,
Bring no respite to the mice within
He pumps on the saline called E.M.I. in.
The great Cat turning out to be an easy bait herself.
Above is just an example where 100 mouse can bring a cat down,    
As termites does to the woods crumbling it into waste dust.

            Love has grown hi-tech too, long distance relations looks short too
        Social site and video calls or be it online dating or sex on call,
        Like a fortress of million cards, its all gona fall.
        They say it true; great tripod ends in a deadly loop hole J
        Neither a single mice nor a cat left with pure soul.
        Calm down buddy, Am ain’t a saint myself, teaching u this saga,
        The tale of mice and the cat are just notes of an ancient raga.
Yesterdays Lions have become today’s bait
He needs to pay for what he has eaten.
Both races are leading to the same fate.
I am a mouse in the invisible mode
Trying to refuse myself to write a piece of code,
Drilling a tunnel to break the rooster coupe
I found myself , floating with ginger in the soup.
Shattered with a pillow, beaten on my head
Woken up by my GF, I am no good than dead
Because you know now where mice like me heads …….
                              Mice in Despair: S.D…

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