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Monday, July 26, 2010

Talk out !!!!


When I woke up today , I was feeling sad about what I have achieved in life ... blah blah crap shit things I usually blossom with and make best out of it. I have got this new stress buster now days I try my hand at kitchen when I am sad and "they say is perfectly right when they say there is good in everything" luckily the food is the good here ( for foodies I have turned out to be quite a classy chef ). Making my ginger n Tulsi Tea is like  performing alms at temple. Sadness was soon overtaken by a thought - precisely there is one WORD which can solve each and every problem in this world , most of them if not all. The word that would take most of this post is "TALK".

Its so veined to us that we seldom realize the importance of it ,"talk" is like word FUCK , which according to OSHO can comprise of all possible emotions  similarly we "talk" for TALK , n what not. 

"Talk" has taken different names , shapes , styles , verses, mime acts, symbolism, church, religions, ethics , cultures , civilizations ,bi lateral talks, advertisement campaign talks,courts,  wars, battles , pride, gossips , lust , gluttony, sex, wrath, sloth and envy to name few forms n fixtures .

It has evolved from non lingual talks between animals to lingual talks between the best animal possible, Human, but what has not evolved is us , the mortals , the instinct is the same we had in paleolithic age , the reason may have got a little manipulated or manifested into complex endeavors. "Talk" n reason to "talk' are still same . This four letter word is the root for itself one cannot tell what comes first the "talk" or the reason to "talk". Because "talk" is the only thing we rely from love affair to condolence meets. Its commonly known as COMMUNICATION. So I have learned this mighty word n essence behind it u need to complete the "talk" , generate more "talk" , love what you "talk" . Just Love the "Talk".


  1. my comment nt valuable bt this piece is little bit off track..
    i mean..means u started wid kitchen nd described talk..i assumed by first para...its going to be on ...sumthing...freshness related to coooking nd all.nd the satisfaction u get by cooking
    if its gud
    anywayz...gud attempt of OFF TRACK writing.. :)..keep it up...

  2. OFF SIDE :) is want i intended to be pal , to build up a sweet stuff n choke in the heavy bulk in :) abstract 'ism i guess.