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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yet Another First Time

From in-womb to in-grave, from toddler to old fox, Teetotaler to alcoholic we humans are caught in vicious cycle of considering incidents in our life ,so called FIRST TIMERS and mark them , tag them as, a way to remember but guess what we do it so often that we forget the that something we say we are doing for first time is already happened many a times.

To quote a few classic ones, 
Top of charts is:  “first love to yet another first love”, each time our mushy infantile heart fell for someone it goes in an graduated cupid’s school for first timers, yet another time, roses to chocolates, long talks to long walk, candle lights to cozy nights all are revised yet another time, our young, ever young heart feels as if its for the first time the Aphrodite has kissed him and in an uplifted bubble flying in the pink zephyr the melodramatic heart unlearn n learn each etiquettes of being chivalrous to the max. It’s the same school the heart goes again, the lessons he learns, may be score better on the tests :) 
but yet another first timers as it’s called is one of a kind state of affairs where the love gods make merry out of mortals emotions.

Second on the chart is
Advertising agencies putting there wrappers with a NEW flashy marquee , displaying “new” brighter than the product name , giving a psychological effect to the customer that “new” symbolizes new product while the same product 10 years ago had the same “new” tag , same fragrance , same quality . But we feel that its for the first time. You must have noticed I am sure , that lemon soap , cool menthol soaps were all there even when we were toddlers with the same “NEW” with them , yet there sales mostly grow higher one of the reason is marketing , and playing mostly the psychological analysis and behavioral patterns .

Third on a chart is a melange of incidents which I’ll quote roughly with or without any relation between them—“ she is the most beautiful gal I have ever seen” , “He is so cutteee”, “Kya maal hai be”, “ this is the best time of my life”, “U are my best fren—where the ‘U’ keeps on changing”, “Hey dude one more shot – lets order one more pitcher” , “I will not drink after today” , “Yesterday was the last day I smoked” , “ Sir , the code is almost DONE” , "I love you so much---where the person love another one",“ She is a bitch” , “ He is a liar” , “I miss you sooo much”,“ My first Kiss , this is really special”.

The point is each time we say these , we do these thing we do it with a honey coated passion of first timers and one should do also , what’s the use if we don’t have a passion within. We lie or we say truth doesn’t matter because most of the time we say it with true passion , the ardor of a toddler to walk , the fervor of all the things quoted above , It just make the moment special each time we say it .  The list is an endless one , I’ll encourage all of you to write down all you think of lil tags we use so often n pretend as If we are using for the first time in the comments below .

The last but not the least this is something which we use almost everyday with a shear sense of emotion wrapped in three words and topped with a confused sorry look “I AM SORRRRRYYYYY”. Isn’t it frens :)


  1. Mr. Saket Dabi - u r a package of multi talents.. M really speechless after reading this. good.. keep up d talent.. because it's inborn nd u r lucky to have 1 nd v r lucky too to get an opportunity to read ur posts..:)

    nd d tag i use almost everyday is "i didn't do" :P lol

  2. hey saku..this is really nice piece of writing.....gud observation..
    wen i ws reading...i ws thinkig...i came across all these nt gt idea to put them in wrds..
    u did it!!!!....keep it up.. :)